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Good morning, people of Atlanta! It’s me again, Kathy Cioffi, your host of the Atlanta Daily.

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Here are the top 5 stories today in Atlanta:

  • Nextdoor Neighbor, Drew Valley: “472 days. – 472 days is a long, long time. That’s how long Lyon has been at the Lifeline Animal Project shelter. In addition to being a “long-timer,” Lyon is my hands-down favorite dog at the shelter. Every time I go, I can’t wait to see his big ‘ole smile waiting for me around the corner. For more information and to meet Lyon, please email adoptions@lifelineanimal.org or come over to Lifeline’s Community Animal Center at 3180 Presidential Dr, Atlanta, GA 30340, USA to say hi!” (Nextdoor)
  • Nextdoor Neighbor, Sable Glen: “Greetings beautiful people! I’m inquiring about a commercial property for a nonprofit organization. We’re looking to open our food bank asap! So very grateful and thank you all in advance! Enjoy 😊” (Nextdoor)
  • Nextdoor Neighbor, Hapeville: “Spread LOVE this Valentines Day to your friends and neighbors while supporting Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Join the fun by purchasing a sign (or a few!) to place in a friend or neighbor’s yard. You can even add a sweet treat or Valentine! Then, it’s their turn to spread the love. https://choaholiday.org/” (Nextdoor)
  • Nextdoor Neighbor, Embry Hills: “Helping a sweet friend stay warm tonight. Reach out if you would like to donate to Atlanta’s homeless.” (Nextdoor)

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Kathy Cioffi