10 Affordable Wedding Destinations That Look Expensive

“As far as the background goes, the Mediterranean climate makes your outdoor photos look exactly like Italy,” said Angela Cappetta, owner of Angela Cappetta, a media company specializing in destination weddings. “The light there is incredible.”

As for exactly how much a wedding in Istanbul costs, Cappetta admits it’s hard to pin down a precise number. 

“There is no way to predict that, as it fully depends on job scope,” Capetta said. “However, let’s just say a Turkish wedding cake (cut with a sword, of course) is pennies on the dollar compared to a Sylvia Weinstock confection. The Mediterranean lifestyle makes venues in Turkey not care how late you run, so there are very minimal fees for overtime, etc. Therefore, couples who get married there, save so much money on the food and entertainment, that they have buckets of money leftover to bring in a destination photographer of my level.”