10 Best Action Comedies Like Shotgun Wedding

Shotgun Wedding is the newest action comedy on Amazon Prime. In this movie, Darcy (Jennifer Lopez) and Tom (Josh Duhamel) are ready to get married on a remote island when a band of pirates invades hoping to cash in on the bride’s rich father. Though the film has received mixed reviews, it’s a fun addition to the genre.

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Action comedies have a unique way of blending the two genres, giving viewers something that’s both exciting and hilarious. Done correctly, these movies portray themes common in both genres while creating a concise storyline. While there are a lot of poorly done action comedies, there are some of the best like Shotgun Wedding.

10 Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang Is A Parody Of Noir Film Themes

In Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, Harry Lockhart (Robert Downey Jr.) stumbles into a mystery movie audition while evading the police. getting the part, he ends up in Hollywood where he is tangled in a murder conspiracy with his ex-girlfriend and a private investigator.

This might not be Robert Downey Jr.’s most well-known role, but it is a hidden gem in the high-grossing actor’s career. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang is a parody of noir-themed films, melding the dark tropes in a crime thriller with humor.

9 The Hangover Is A Wild Mission To Get To A Wedding

In The Hangover, three groomsmen wake up in Vegas after a crazy night of partying and can’t remember what happened. And they also have no idea where the groom, Doug, is. They have to hastily retrace their steps from the previous night to find him and get him back to L.A. in time for his wedding.

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The Hangover is more comedy than it is action, though the plot is fast-paced and intense. It’s not quite a groundbreaking action comedy, but one that succeeds in building tension on top of the piled-high laughs.

8 Free Guy Features A Man That Is Unprepared To Be The Hero

Free Guy, starring Ryan Reynolds, is about a bank teller that discovers he is one of the side characters in an open-world video game. When he decides he wants to be the hero in his story, he sets out to save his world before it’s too late.

Video games don’t often work as a setting for movies, but Free Guy is one of the best movies set in a game. The plot has a healthy balance of comedy and action, making it one of the best action comedies of the 2020s so far.

7 Murder Mystery Is A Funny Take On A Dark Genre

In Murder Mystery, a New York cop and his wife go on a vacation, hoping to bring some more joy into their stale marriage. They end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and are accused of murdering an elderly couple.

Though Murder Mystery is criticized for being predictable, that rather seems to be the point, with the humor taking center stage instead of a traditional murder mystery investigation. It may not be the best action comedy movie, but Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler make a memorable duo.

6 Date Night Is A Matter Of Misidentification

In Date Night, Phil (Steve Carell) and Claire (Tina Fey) attempt to invigorate their marriage by going out to a hot bistro in Manhattan. When they pretend to be a couple to get a reserved table, they end up victims of mistaken identities, suddenly pulled into a world of corruption and crime.

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The concept of Date Night is far-fetched at best, but it’s not supposed to be as believable as it is supposed to be fun. The two leads made this an entertaining watch, making the dangerous scenarios more hilarious than suspenseful.

5 Game Night Is A Party Gone Terribly Awry

In Game Night, Max (Jason Bateman) and Annie (Rachel McAdams), who are prolific for hosting game nights with their friends, are invited to Max’s brother’s house for a murder mystery party. The group of party-goes soon realize that the twists and turns along the way are far from a game.

While there are a lot of great party games to liven up a night with friends, this is one game nobody wants to be a part of. Game Night has some shocking twists that keep viewers waiting to see what happens next.

4 The Bounty Hunter Features One Of The Most Dysfunctional Couples

The Bounty Hunter is about a journalist, Nicole (Jennifer Aniston) who is so deep into an investigation she misses a court case and gets a bounty put on her. Meanwhile, her ex-husband Milo (Gerard Butler) gets a hold of the case and thinks she would be easy money.

Though The Bounty Hunter received poor reviews, some viewers found it a charming movie that worked for what it was. It has several scenes in which the action perfectly mends with the humorous, creating fight scenes that are as bloody as they are hilarious.

3 Very Bad Things Is Another Wedding Gone Wrong

Very Bad Things was a bachelor party gone wrong like The Hangover, but with far darker themes. When Kyle and four of his friends get together to celebrate his impending nuptials, one of them accidentally kills a stripper and another kills a cop to avoid authorities. The situation quickly spins out of control, leading from one crime to another.

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Very Bad Things is a dark comedy that feels like a weird dream the audience can’t seem to wake up from. Though each twist is more ridiculous than the last, the oddness of the plot is too much to look away from.

2 Ready Or Not Is Another Bloody Wedding Party

Ready Or Not begins with the wedding of Grace and Daniel at Daniel’s family estate. Grace feels like the luckiest woman alive, even if his family has a weird after-wedding celebration. However, what she thought was an innocent game night turns into a fight for her life.

Ready Or Not is one of the most gruesome wedding movies ever, featuring a tense game of cat and mouse and some cleverly placed dark jokes. This is one of the best dark comedies of the decade, making an outrageous premise somehow believable.

1 Mr. & Mrs. Smith Were The Original Power Couple

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie play the titular John and Jane Smith in Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Amidst a tumultuous marriage, the two learn they are not the mundane people they pretended to be, but both assassins working for opposing agencies.

Despite the critics’ harsh reviews of this 2005 film, Mr. & Mrs. Smith continues to be an icon in the action comedy genre. The movie features a few action-packed scenes, including the all-out battle between the couple that ends up being as funny as it is intense.

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