10 Best Hero Weddings In Marvel Comics

The Marvel Comics universe is full of love. Heroes date humans, aliens, other heroes, and sometimes even villains. Many of Marvel’s heroes have been in brief relationships with numerous partners over the years. A few lucky heroes, however, have managed to find their soulmate and make a lifetime commitment. If those few were very lucky, they got an entire special wedding issue dedicated to them.

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Weddings are popular events. Most people enjoy celebrating love and commitment. For comic book creators, weddings present an opportunity to bring many diverse characters together in an unusual situation where anything can happen. Whether the heroes are fighting gatecrashing villains or contemplating their love, a hero wedding is bound to be impressive, eventful, and dramatic.

Storm And Black Panther Blew All Other Weddings Away

Marvel Comics' Storm and Black Panther hold hands on their wedding day.

The wedding of T’Challa, the Black Panther, to Ororo, Storm of the X-Men, was a huge event in the Marvel Comics universe. In the comics, American TV stations were covering the event. The greatest heroes in the world were on the guest list. Marvel even hired Shawn Dudley, a professional designer, to create Storm’s dress for the occasion.

The wedding was a massive and spectacular event, even featuring a visit from the panther god during the ceremony. Unfortunately, its timing couldn’t have been worse, as the heroes were in the middle of their Civil War, and some heroes left early because they couldn’t stop fighting. The ceremony went well though, and Black Panther and Storm were happy, for a while at least.

The Thing And Alicia Masters’s Relationship Rocks

The Thing and Alicia Masters embrace each other at their wedding.

Ben Grimm, better known as The Thing, married his long-time girlfriend Alicia Masters in the giant-sized Fantastic Four (2018) #5 by Dan Slott, Aaron Kuder, Marte Gracia, Erick Arciniega, Michael Allred, Laura Allred, and Adam Hughes. The special issue featured three stories showing the Thing learning to dance, attending his bachelor party, and finally getting married.

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The stories told in the Fantastic Four wedding issue were mostly charming and uplifting, which is exactly the feeling most people want to have around a wedding. Doctor Doom nearly derailed the nuptials, but luckily, Reed Richards had prepared a time bubble that allowed Ben and Alicia to focus on each other first before saving the world.

Wasp Marrying Yellowjacket Stung For Some Avengers

A Snake Grabs The Wasp At Her Wedding To Yellowjacket

Janet Van Dyne, aka the Wasp, is a kind person. Her teammates on the Avengers were therefore shocked to receive an invitation to her surprise wedding to Yellowjacket, a mysterious hero who had only recently appeared. The Avengers even thought he might have murdered Janet’s ex, Hank Pym.

Despite her teammates’ reservations, Janet went ahead with the extravagant wedding. During the reception, the Ringmaster and his Circus of Evil attacked the heroes and nearly killed Wasp. To save her, Yellowjacket transformed into Goliath and revealed himself to be the missing Hank Pym after all. Despite the chaos, the heroes enjoyed themselves.

Spider-Man And Mary Jane Watson Stuck Together

Peter Parker and Mary Jane at the wedding

Mary Jane Watson is Spider-Man’s most iconic romantic partner. Fans were incredibly excited about their marriage in the Amazing Spider-Man Annual (1963) #1 by David Michelinie, James Shooter, Paul Ryan, Vince Colletta, and Bob Sharen. Marvel even held a live-action version of the event at Shea Stadium to promote the comic.

Peter and MJ have always had a strong relationship, which is great for them, but less great for selling comics. Marvel eventually decided that marriage aged Peter too much, and he sacrificed his marriage to save his Aunt’s life in a deal with Mephisto. The issue itself almost seems to foreshadow their doom, as it mostly consists of both characters having doubts about the wedding before going through with it.

Deadpool And Shiklah’s Wedding Broke Fourth Walls

Deadpool Wedding Cover featuring the most comic characters on a cover

Marvel’s artists have a habit of creating covers for wedding issues that feature a huge cast of characters attending the wedding. Deadpool comics are known for their parodies of other comics, so naturally the creators wanted to do something spectacular for Deadpool’s very special wedding issue. The result was a new record for the number of characters portrayed on a comic book cover.

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Rain threatened the outdoor ceremony between the Merc with a mouth and Shiklah, Queen of the Underworld, but luckily Thor was there to clear up the skies. Nightcrawler performed the ceremony, and Wade joyfully embraced his bride. The marriage didn’t last long, but at least the wedding was one for the record books.

Northstar And Kyle’s Love Held Fast

Northstar and Kyle Jinadu kiss at their wedding.

An X-Man’s wedding is bound to be a big event, and hearthrob Northstar’s wedding to his boyfriend Kyle Jinadu was no exception. The ceremony was held in Central Park, and was attended by heroes from all over the galaxy. Iceman provided delicate arches for the venue, while Storm sprinkled white petals over the ceremony with her powers.

The issue began with Northstar remembering a time when both he and Kyle had doubts about getting married. His life as a hero was dangerous, and had put Kyle in danger as well. Ultimately, however, Northstar’s sister Aurora was able to help him focus and reflect on his love for his partner, which he demonstrated through his improvised vows.

Jean Grey And Cyclops’s Wedding Was A Blast

Jean Grey And Cyclops Kiss After Being Married

By the time Jean Grey and Cyclops tied the knot, fans had been waiting for the event for ages. The couple had been together for the better part of three decades, and had weathered such challenges as the Phoenix Force possessing Jean, and Scott having a child with her clone.

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For this event, the issue chose not to focus on the villain attacks that so often plague other superhero weddings. Instead, it focused on the characters and their feelings around the event. Wolverine decided not to attend, due to his feelings for Jean, while Rachel Summers was overjoyed to finally see her parents wed. Ultimately, it was a grand, joyous occasion for the couple and their guests.

Jessica Jones And Luke Cage Are A Power Couple

Luke Cage And Jessica Jones Wedding Kiss

Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are two of the Marvel Comics universe’s most prickly heroes, but they found true love with each other. Bride is not a role Jones felt suited for, which is explored to some extent in the newest Jessica Jones mystery, The Variants. Nevertheless, she forged ahead through her fear, to marry the man she loves.

As one might expect from this couple, the ceremony was simple and subdued, with just a few family and friends. The most notable detail was that it was performed by Stan Lee. Luke Cage, though featured in a suit on the cover, wore a turtleneck and gold chain. Jessica Jones wore a simple but elegant wedding dress and even put on lipstick for the occasion.

Sue Storm And Reed Richards Have A Fantastic Marriage

Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman kiss in Fantastic Four comics

Sue Storm and Reed Richards were one of the first married hero couples in Marvel Comics. In the Fantastic Four Annual (1963) #3, by the legendary Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the happy couple announced their impending marriage publicly, leading Doctor Doom to send all of Marvel’s villains to attack the ceremony.

The issue itself is mostly fights between the wedding-crashing villains and the heroes in attendance. Sue, despite being one of the most powerful members of the team, was relegated to a damsel in distress role as the male heroes saved the day. Finally, on the last page, readers are treated to a few panels that actually show the couple getting married.

Scarlet Witch, Vision, Mantis & Swordsman Had A Chaotic Wedding

Vision and Scarlet Witch, flanked by Mantis and Swordsman on the left and Hawkeye, Thor, and Iron Man on the right, are married by Immortus

One of the most surreal weddings to occur in the Marvel Comics universe is undoubtedly the double wedding featured in Giant Sized Avengers #4 by Steve Englehart, Don Heck, John Tartaglione, and Petra Goldberg. This issue featured the wedding of both Scarlet Witch to Vision, as well as Mantis to her partner. Sort of.

One of the strangest aspects of this wedding was Mantis’s groom. Though he appeared to be Mantis’s old boyfriend the Swordsman, in fact he was a tree-alien animating the corpse of the Swordsman. Kang the Conqueror also tried to abduct Mantis in the middle of the ceremony. Despite these shenanigans, the wedding proceeded for both unusual couples.

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