10 Best Sitcom Wedding Episodes, According To IMDb

After years of dating, Sarah Hyland from Modern Family and Wells Adams from Bachelor In Paradise got married in August 2022. The couple shared their special day with family and friends, then shared pictures and videos from the wonderful day. Hyland’s Modern Family co-star Jesse Tyler Ferguson even officiated the wedding, making for a special ceremony.

This wedding brings about feelings of nostalgia, and it’s fun to look back on Hyland’s show and other sitcoms that produced great wedding episodes. Many of these episodes are chaotic, but iconic, and provide some of the most re-watchable sitcom moments in history.


10 Modern Family: “The Wedding, Part 2” – 8.6

Mitch and Cam dance at their wedding in Modern Family

This episode starts amid the chaos that is interrupting Cam and Mitch’s wedding. Their venue catches on fire, their ordainer’s water breaks right before the ceremony, and everyone is miserable.

Cam and Mitchell have been together since the beginning of Modern Family. They have been through several ups and downs, most stemming from one being dishonest with the other about something important. Despite their struggles, the pair stayed together and grew their family. This episode is brilliant because all the venue changes and chaos that ensues is reminiscent of their story arc, but just like their relationship, they come together and have a beautiful ceremony.

9 How I Met Your Mother: “Something Borrowed, Something Blue” – 8.7

Marshall and Lily kiss at their wedding in HIMYM

During the planning stages of their wedding, things keep changing, and their guest list, the venue, and more cause problems for Marshall and Lily. They unexpectedly meet each other outside and have an intimate outdoor wedding like they originally wanted before others swooped in to create a grand event.

This two-part episode is filled with tears, laughter, and of course, mayhem. Big events like weddings are sometimes more for the couple’s families than the actual couple, and no matter how much preparation goes into it, there will always be something that doesn’t go according to plan. Thankfully, Marshall and Lily find and focus on each other on their special day, and give audiences hope that beauty can be found in the darkness.

8 How I Met Your Mother: “The End Of The Aisle” – 8.8

Barney patronizes Marshall and Lily before his wedding to Robin in HIMYM

It’s Robin and Barney’s wedding day, and they both have extreme jitters. Barney has trouble writing his vows, and Robin is second-guessing everything. In the end, Barney vows to be honest with Robin, and they go through with the wedding.

Robin and Barney’s wedding is bittersweet. On one hand, several viewers (and Robin herself at one point) believe she and Ted would have made a better couple. On the other hand, Barney shows unusual and long-due maturity and growth in the second half of the episode as the wedding goes forward. More than other sitcom weddings, this one leaves viewers conflicted. The actor’s performances are amazing, and Colbie Smulders steals the show when Robin discusses her doubts with Ted.

7 New Girl: “Landing Gear” – 8.8

Schmidt sits on a plane while his wedding reception goes on without him in New Girl

Schmidt is gone on his and Cece’s wedding day. He’s flying to Portland, so he can get Cece’s mom and bring her to the ceremony. He asks Nick to lie, but the news quickly gets out when the plane’s landing gear malfunctions and causes Schmidt to miss the special day.

New Girl is a fun show that thrives on placing the characters’ quirks front and center. Schmidt can be impulsive at times, and this episode is evidence. Contrary to other sitcom weddings, neither Cece nor Schmidt doubt their love and their desire to get married. The chaos that ensues is the result of external factors and a dumb, but a well-intentioned decision. When he finally gets back from his flight, they throw a small ceremony in their apartment with those who are important to them.

6 Friends: “The One With Phoebe’s Wedding” – 8.8

Phoebe and Mike get married in Friends

Phoebe asks Joey to walk her down her aisle, and she enlists Monica to plan the wedding, but both take their roles way too seriously. The wedding gets snowed in, so they throw the ceremony on the snowy New York streets.

Phoebe and Mike are arguably the most wholesome couple on Friends. They’re both wonderfully odd and hilarious, yet unfortunately, they don’t get as much time and appreciation as the others, proven by the show’s decision to make this a mid-season episode instead of a finale. Even so, this sitcom wedding is adorable and one of the best of all time. Just the inclusion of Paul Rudd in the later seasons is perfect, as his charm and comedic genius are evident.

5 Friends: “The One With Ross’ Wedding, Part 2” – 9.1

Rachel hugs Ross at his wedding with Emily in Friends

Ross is getting married to Emily in London, and in a change of heart, Rachel decides to try and get there to stop it from happening because she still has feelings for her ex.

Over the course of ten seasons, Ross has married and divorced several women. Other than his relationship with Rachel, Emily is his most prominent love interest in the series run. In the grand scheme of things, however, it’s a surprise that this sitcom wedding episode is rated as highly as it is. While viewers can relate to the bickering between the in-laws, not much happens until the very end when Ross accidentally says Rachel’s name at the altar. Perhaps this cliffhanger resonated with die-hard fans of Rachel and Ross’s relationship.

4 Friends: “The One With Monica & Chandler’s Wedding” – 9.1

Monica & Chandler get married in Friends

It’s in the middle of wedding preparations for Chandler and Monica’s wedding. Chandler is missing, unbeknownst to the bride, and Monica is seemingly pregnant. Joey, who was ordained for the ceremony, is stuck at work.

Before Ross’ marriage to Emily, a potential relationship between Monica and Chandler may have seemed unlikely. As their relationship grew, they quickly became a fan-favorite couple on the show. Three seasons after their first hook-up, they’re finally tying the knot. This episode is filled with many twists and turns that have fans wondering what happens next. From the pregnancy reveals to the vanishing groom and schedule mix-ups, fans are invested.

3 Schitt’s Creek: “Happy Ending” – 9.3

David & Patrick get married in the Schitt’s Creek finale

It’s Patrick and David’s wedding day, and the weather is getting in the way. David’s not handling the stress well so Patrick orders a massage for him that goes a bit smoother than planned. The whole town pitches in to give them a beautiful ceremony.

“Happy Ending” isn’t just a wedding episode. It’s also the series finale of Schitt’s Creek. Patrick first appears in the show’s third season, and he and David go from business partners to boyfriends, and finally, husbands. The pace of their relationship is beautiful and realistic. David walks down the aisle to a slow a cappella version of Tina Turner’s “Simply The Best,” a song that made an impact on their story arc. The goodbyes at the end are sad, but ultimately, this is the perfect happy ending for the Rose family.

2 The Office: “Niagra, Part 2” – 9.4

Jim & Pam get married on a boat in Niagara Falls

Pam and Jim are about to get married. Pam is overwhelmed by all the people, the drama, and the prodding, so she and Jim escape the venue and get married on a boat at Niagara Falls before heading back to the church.

This episode is beautiful and effectively captures the love and appreciation Jim and Pam have for each other. It gave birth to some of the most iconic and most re-watchable The Office moments of all time. The wedding dance is chaotic in the best way, and the end montage of their wedding, the Niagara trip, and the procession is a perfect jumble reminiscent of the up-and-down progression of Jim and Pam’s relationship.

1 The Office: “Finale” – 9.8

The Office cast claps at their discussion panel for the documentary

The documentary has come out, and the cast is dealing with their new-found fame. On the weekend of a Q&A panel, Dwight and Angela also have their bachelor and bachelorette parties and a subsequent wedding ceremony. Much of the original gang returns.

Like Schitt’s Creek, this wedding episode marks the series finale of The Office. It brings back important and pivotal characters to the series, with Michael Scott’s return being one of the most talked-about moments from this episode. The finale shows how much the characters have grown as people and as a staff, with Dwight as the Regional Manager of the Dunder-Mifflin Scranton branch. It explores how this group of co-workers interact with each other, and ultimately, become a family.

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