10 Best Wedding Tips for You Beautiful Brides of 2023

Are you searching for fantastic tips to ensure your 2023 wedding goes off without a hitch? Then, we got you covered. Recently, while scrolling a popular online wedding forum, a group of newlywed brides shared their best tips. Here are the top ten.

1. Create the Wedding YOU Want

First and foremost, choose what you and your fiancé want. One newlywed noted, “Looking at fabulous weddings (and styled shoots from photographers) online can be challenging, feeling like you need to do so many things to make it memorable.

The decisions made because I felt like I “should” or “had to” ended up being some of the most stressful because they weren’t always true to me.

This also applies to nontraditional choices (not budget line items), for example, who (if anyone) will walk you down the aisle, the order of events, etc. Make your day what you genuinely want.”

2.  Ignore Wedding Posts Leading Up to the Day

Another volunteered, “One-to-two weeks before the wedding, stop looking at Pinterest, Facebook, and those wedding accounts on Instagram and TikTok.

It’s too late to change anything, and seeing something you love and didn’t choose to do, especially after the wedding, can be sad. So instead, focus on you and your fiancé and your future together. That’s what matters!”

When you see a wedding post, starting a couple of weeks before the wedding, start selecting that you aren’t interested in that kind of post. You can do this on both Instagram and Facebook. Slowly your feed will go back to the old hobbies you used to have before wedding planning.”

3. Make an Emergency Kit

“Make an emergency kit for the wedding day,” one suggested. “Tums, Ibuprofen, Advil. Backup shoes in case your heels are uncomfortable. Something to wipe away stains in case something happens to your dress.

Bring a robe or something to wear for your reception (if you don’t already have an outfit change planned). So many brides I know (myself included) found the dress uncomfortably tight after many hours or after eating and needed to spend time out of the dress in the middle of the day.

Hopefully, you won’t need to use any of it, but it will put you at ease to know you have it!”

4.  Take At Least 30 Minutes For Yourself in the Morning

Another volunteered, “On your wedding morning, set aside at least 30 minutes to be alone and take in your moment. Weddings are so exciting but can also be stressful for several reasons.

Meditate, do yoga, read a note from your fiancé, take a bath – whatever you need. It’s your day!

I can not recommend morning yoga enough. I convinced my husband to do this with me on the morning of our wedding. Afterward, he told me that he would not have been nearly as relaxed for the wedding had we not spent thirty minutes together in the morning.”

5. Take Your Time to Unwind From the Wedding

“Give yourself a day or two after the wedding before the honeymoon. There is such a high after the wedding that it takes some time to come down from,” one suggested.

“You will probably have a family to entertain. There may be posts on social media you want to have time to review and share and save. I didn’t want to be overwhelmed with all this while leaving for my honeymoon all at once!”

6. Accept That Things Will Go Wrong

“Most of all, this is a fantastic day, but it doesn’t define you, your relationship, or your life. Things WILL go wrong. There will be a picture or two you wanted but didn’t get.

However, there will also be so many pleasant surprises. So give yourself (and your vendors) grace. Don’t sweat the small stuff. If something goes wrong, accept it and move on. No one else is focusing on the little things.”

7. Take Plenty of Breaks

“Take plenty of breaks,” added another. “Don’t force yourself through everything all at once. Because of the high stress of a wedding, most couples tend to get sick right before, during, or right after their wedding. Your body will be in high gear, so don’t overdo it and get lots of rest.”

8. Everyone is There to Celebrate You, Not the Details

“One of the things I stressed was how the mini boutonnieres for my ring bearers got somehow lost. But, ultimately, I realized no one ever would have known they were supposed to have them,” admitted one.

“Even though they would have been nice, they looked super cute without them, too, and the lack of such a little thing made absolutely no difference in the day.

It’s easy to get caught up in these silly details when you’ve spent so long planning, but ultimately no one will remember them. Instead, people remember their great time with friends and family!”

9. Plan Ahead

“I had a partial planner because I wanted to pick and speak to the vendors myself. That could have added to the stress,” confessed another.

“But, in the last couple of months, you are not only deciding big items like the seating chart, song choices, and vow wording but also a million little things like napkin colors and whether or not there should be reserved seats at the ceremony.

You could make things less stressful for yourself by figuring out or at least starting to think about as many of those big decisions early on, so it doesn’t feel as rushed at the end.

For example, we finalized our vows about one month ahead of time, and I felt much better after that! And try to outsource the little decisions.”

10. Hire a Wedding Planner

Finally, one explained, “If you’re like me, planning your wedding has been a dream since you were young. But, unfortunately, we don’t see all of the stress in the little decisions when we’re that young.

Planning your wedding comes with many choices, phone calls, and lists. But, leading up to your wedding should be able to enjoy the fun parts and be excited for the big day, not weighed down by the little things that could go wrong. Hiring a professional can make all the difference.”

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit tips list of best wedding tips for brides-to-be.

This article was inspired by discussions on the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Budget Savvy Bride.

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