10 Fan Favorite Moments, According To Reddit

From dog parties to Romain’s straight-talking hatred towards Davina, Selling Sunset proved popular with fans specifically for its out-there moments that left viewers laughing for both the right and wrong reasons. That basically makes it the ideal bit of reality TV to binge.

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The dysfunctional family that is the Oppenheim Group have kept fans entertained through its drama, extravagant houses, and outrageously funny moments which prompted Reddit user survivingtheinternet to start a thread where fans can document what they deem the most “iconic scenes.”


Christine’s Bachelorette Shade Towards Mary

Christine Quinn on Selling Sunset

It is no secret that Christine and Mary’s long-term friendship began to falter very quickly especially in season 2 but the icing on the cake for Christine was Mary’s ‘secret’ bachelorette party that excluded both her and Davina. Christine loves drama which is why her desire to confront Mary was evident as soon as Mary arrived at the open house where Christine rolled her eyes so many times that she made viewers dizzy.

Reddit user emmalolalolling deemed this one of their favorite moments with many agreeing that Christine’s line of “tired from all your hen parties” left Mary stuttering to explain exactly why the mean girl duo had been shunned from the not so secret party.

Mary And Her Stress Eating

Mary Fitzgerald on Selling Sunset season 4

The red engagement party definitely symbolizes the anger felt that night by individual members of the Oppenheim Group and their significant others. Mary finally told Davina that she was not invited to the wedding but was unaware that Christine had already done her dirty work for her resulting in the tense argument between Romain and Davina.

Viewers including marcm6246 were left invested in not only the drama but also “Mary in the background shoving her face full of food.” Mary was simultaneously watching her man obliterate Davina as she stuffed her face with indulgent party food, something that a lot of fans of Selling Sunset could relate to.

Romain And His Straight-Talking Attitude

Romain continues to be one of the most honest cast members of Selling Sunset and Romain’s straight-talking ways dominated a lot of season 2 especially his feud with Davina. Romain made it public knowledge to the group that Davina would not be invited to the wedding after her comments about Marys’s ring, showing that he didn’t mind making decisions that might hurt someone’s feelings even if Davina deserved it.

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This resulted in many Reddit users including hugship naming it as one of the most memorable moments of the show but this was just the start in Romain letting “us know EXACTLY what he thinks of people.”

The Fire Dancer

Davina smiling and wearing a pink dress on Selling Sunset

Christine’s engagement was nothing short of dramatic with the animal theme being synonymous with Davina’s catty attitude. The fiery conversation between Davina and Romain was awkward for many reasons but it was specifically the fire dancer “just casually doing her thing” that caught viewers like marcm6246’s attention.

The dancer adopted a true performer attitude and carried on her routine despite an argument happening a couple of inches away from her. The dramatic argument between Davina and Romain was reflective of the fire dancer when Davina was shot down in flames by Romain’s choice of words.

Is this A Wedge Of Cheese?

Amanza Smith talking to the camera on Selling Sunset

When Amanza first joined the cast it was obvious she was going to be a great addition to the group due to her amazing sense of humor and lack of fear when it came to Christine. Fast forward to season 3 and fans saw those two things combined when she challenged Christine’s petty comment with humor.

Christine had said that Amanza was driving a wedge between her and Mary which is when Amanza decided to fight back as noticed by Reddit user RegretsNothing1 and their iconic “is this a wedge of cheese?” reference. Amanza used a series of hilarious dad jokes to clap back at Christine and even went as far as incorporating a ‘wedge’ of cheese.

A Blizzard At A Wedding

Christine Quinn smiling holding a bouquet wearing a black dress on her wedding day on Selling Sunset

Obviously, Christine’s wedding was always going to be an extravagant moment in the show and indeed it was as there were swans, a black wedding dress, and possibly an accidental blizzard. Christine’s winter wedding made headlines for its elegant style but its elegance was soon lost when her guests took to holding their coats over their heads to shelter from the blizzard coming from the fake snow machine.

The heavy snow made its way onto the list of fan favorite moments with Kingchoi declaring it the “funniest moment” in Selling Sunset history.

Mary’s Pre-wedding Viewing

Mary Fitzgerald Selling Sunset Wedding

The women of Selling Sunset are true businesswomen as seen through their commitment to their work but the woman that wins the most hardworking cast member would have to be Mary.

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Mary took the term workaholic to the next level as recognized by Kingchoi who explained how “Mary was showing the house while she was getting make up done on her wedding day.” Romain wasn’t the only thing she was committed to with even Amanza suggesting that Mary is the most hardworking woman she knows.

Burgers And Botox

Split image of the Botox and Burgers party and Christine talking to Monika on Selling Sunset

When Christine pitched a listing event that would offer both burgers and free botox, she was met with a questioning judgment stare, however, Christine for all of her faults is the perfect businesswoman and knew LA well enough to know that her event would be a success.

The clientele of LA seemed to be enticed by the promise of botox and burgers despite the hesitation that the house would forever be known as the botox house. Christine pulled off possibly the most controversial event of all time but it was when she “told the woman about the botox and burgers idea” that was the funniest moment according to mysteriousballer.

Davina’s Inability To Read The Room

Davina made more than one enemy throughout all four seasons of Selling Sunset but it was particularly her investigative and unsupportive questioning of Chrishell that made her the show’s villain alongside Christine. Reddit user flexIuthor entered this within the thread where the user stated how Davina carries some seriously “dark energy” and many viewers agreed.

The conversation at Christine’s wedding was an uncomfortable watch with fans feeling heartbroken for Chrishell but it was ultimately one of the most dramatic episode finales, making Selling Sunset great reality TV.

Romain Calling Davina A Snake

Davina talks to Romain on Selling Sunset

Romain became a fan favorite despite only appearing a couple of times in each season but his support and love towards all the girls made him easy to like. He appeared a lot in season 2 due to Mary and his wedding featuring highly but it was his rift with Davina that saw him become a staple on the show.

Reddit user great_gabsby declared a firm fan favorite moment that occurred when Romain finally hit boiling point with Davina’s sly ways and called “Davina a snake,” stating that she always slithers back when there’s an argument. Romain’s description of Davina left fans speechless but nodding their head in agreement with many stating that Romain is possibly the most gifted cast member in reading people’s intentions, making him a fan favorite.

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