10 Great TV Shows To Watch If You Like Married at First Sight

Married At First Sight is all about commitment, understanding how to form a strong couple, and the wedding itself. It’s a show that has taken the reality industry by storm, but there are other series out there that might appeal to fans. While they might not always be similar, they touch upon the same themes.

They could be surrounding coupling up and forming a firm connection, about weddings themselves, or perhaps be based upon blind dating for the first time. Regardless of the premise, these series are sure to fill the gap when Married At First Sight currently isn’t airing or all the previous episodes have been binged.


10 Love Is Blind (2020-Present)

Shayne and Natalie at their wedding on Love Is Blind

What happens when two people fall in love without ever seeing one another? That’s the question that’s posed in Love Is Blind, where couples get to know each other behind closed doors, before popping the question and embarking on a brand new, and unique adventure together.

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It can go terribly wrong, but there’s something to be said about finding love, this quickly, purely through getting to know one another’s personalities. With the distractions of the outside world gone, it’s a very unique approach and some genuine romances have been born from the format.

9 Sexy Beasts (2021-Present)

Two people dressed up as animals on Sexy Beasts

Sexy Beasts very much boasts a similar premise to Love Is Blind but takes a completely different approach. Each date is actually kitted out with masks and state-of-the-art prosthetics. They won’t actually see what the other looks like until the date is concluded and they’ve made their decision.

The reveals always seem to shock one another, but the format has actually worked pretty well, as it eliminates one element of blind dating to focus on another. The bonds are deeper and while it’s all a bit silly, it’s still some feel-good fun with some incredible costumes on display.

8 Love Island (2015-Present)

Casa Amor Love Island UK season 6

Love Island is an absolute classic of the genre, and from shocking recouplings to dramatic exits, the show really has every box ticked from what audiences are expecting. It certainly doesn’t start off with marriage, but there have been some Love Island weddings already. The series is all about coupling up with someone and trying to find the right fit.

There’s a lot of switching throughout the show, but with all these islanders trapped together in a villa, it forces them to really focus on their relationship. There’s a reason that so many international variations have spun from the original UK hit.

7 First Dates (2013-Present)

First Dates

A UK show that unfortunately doesn’t have a US equivalent for the moment, First Dates might just be one of the nicest dating shows on TV. It’s all authentic people, looking for real love, and going on conventional blind dates without any of the gimmicks associated with reality programming.

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There’s usually a very personal reason as to why people go on these series, and they are uncovered in detail so that the audience can understand their point of view. But the way the dates are selected is so perfect, with experts matching people up to ensure genuine love and not just a dramatic situation for a ratings opportunity.

6 Too Hot To Handle (2020-Present)

An image of Harry Jowsey and Chloe Veitch smiling together in Too Hot To Handle

Too Hot To Handle has become the Netflix equivalent of Love Island although it really has turned it up a notch. Just like Married At First Sight it’s about finding an immediate connection, with the clock ticking to find the person that these contestants might want to spend their lives with.

It’s certainly fast-paced therefore and is packed with drama, but there’s something of a filter over the show which takes a slightly more hyper-reality approach than the likes of First Dates or indeed Married At First Sight. Regardless, the show feels a little like a breath of fresh air in a familiar format and has boasted plenty of memorable castmates.

5 Don’t Tell The Bride (2007-Present)

uk don't tell the bride

Weddings are of course a vital part of Married At First Sight since they kick off the whole relationship. Don’t Tell The Bride puts the marriage aspect of the relationship in the right place, but it sees real couples throwing their hopes on just one of them.

With a set budget, the husband of the duo must plan the full wedding, hen and stag do, wedding reception, and every other major detail that goes into the big day, including the all-important wedding dress. Rest assured, there are some wacky ideas and some terrible budgeting. This very much feels like a test on a marriage just like Married At First Sight.

4 90-Day Fiancé (2014-Present)

Bilal on his wedding day, 90 Day Fiancé S9

Married At First Sight carries so many parallels with 90-Day Fiancé. It puts two random people together and gives them 90 days to see if everything will work out. It’s a test of a relationship by throwing the couple in at the deep end and seeing if they can swim.

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It might have led to a few more memorable moments than Married At First Sight too, but overall tends to be a longer process. The success rate is about the same as well, but of course, this takes quite a different point of view by examining the engagement period in further detail.

3 Back With The Ex (2018)

Cast members sitting on a couch on Back With The Ex

An Australian show which has become really quite underrated, Back With The Ex is exactly what audiences might expect from the title. Two people are reunited for the first time, sometimes in decades, to see if they can make their relationship work in a new setting.

It’s a novel concept that is actually quite sweet as the premise really relies on the ‘one that got away’ trope that modern romantic storytelling is so familiar with. In some cases this genuinely works too, with the Married At First Sight trope of placing the people in their lives straight away contributing to its success.

2 Temptation Island (2019-Present)

Temptation Island Gillian Lieberman And Tommy Soltis

Temptation Island is another show akin to the likes of Love Island, but unlike Married At First Sight, takes relationships in a completely different direction. Instead of trying to form a firmer bond, this show tests couples to see if they are actually right for one another.

Faithful pairings are taken to the island where they meet lots of singletons. There has been cheating, recouplings that ruin relationships, and the much-needed feel-good moment that sees a relationship take its next steps, with the pair reaffirming their love for one another.

1 Say Yes To The Dress (2007-Present)

jenny say yes to the dress CROPPED

Married At First Sight still puts some focus on the wedding aspect of proceedings, with that initial ceremony kicking off the relationship for a new pairing. Say Yes To The Dress takes a snippet of that part of the reality show and gives viewers an authentic experience.

It’s partially about the couples that are getting married, but Say Yes To The Dress is about family dynamics, self-confidence, reflecting on the journey of how the wedding day finally arrived, and actually picking a wedding dress. It’s feel-good TV at its best.

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