10 Honest Reactions to This Man Not Driving His Disabled Wife to Son’s Wedding!

By: Elizabeth Ervin
| Published:
March 7, 2023

Oof. Recently, a man we’ll call Mike shared a story that shocked me. He explained that he and his are not on speaking terms due to issues from their past. He sold his grandma’s (on mom’s side) home instead of keeping it, and it caused a riff in the relationship.

Nonetheless, his son sent his wife a wedding invitation that didn’t include him. Mike suggests he was okay with it and didn’t argue or fight. However, he refused to drive his wife to the wedding, which was three hours away.

Unfortunately, due to a disability, she is unable to drive. Mike said he shouldn’t have to drive there because he was not invited to the wedding, nor was he taking part in it.

Mike’s wife accused him of being unreasonable and expressed he was “punishing her for their son’s decision.” However, Mike insisted that she was an adult and could make travel arrangements independently.

Alternatively, his son could’ve provided proper transportation for her and not assumed he’d go there when he was not welcome. It led to an argument, and she asked Mike’s brother to take her, and he did.

Upon returning, Mike’s brother agreed he was in the wrong, being petty, and shouldn’t demand his disabled wife fend for herself when he was fully capable and had a vehicle.

Finally, Mike’s wife refuses to speak with him, and he is convinced he is the one in the right and everyone else is wrong. So he asked the internet for their two cents. Here is how they responded.

1. Your Wife is Right

“She’s right. You were punishing her because of your son’s decision. If she hadn’t been able to find an alternative ride, she would’ve been trapped at home and unable to go.

You would’ve forced her to miss something important because your feelings are hurt, and your ego is bruised. Forget the drama with your son; this puts you in the lousy husband category.”

2. Why Would You Make Your Wife Suffer?

“Why would you make your wife suffer to punish your son? It makes me wonder why your son has no problem washing his hands of you?”

3. I Agree With Mike

While most commenters agreed that Mike is the bad guy, one argued, “Or is it he doesn’t want to suffer through a 6-hour drive and needing to hang out by himself at random places?”

4. Your Son Should Have Provided Transportation

“The choices are two 6-hour round trips or finding something to amuse yourself for the duration of the event for something you’re not invited to, which is ridiculous. Your son is, I’m sure, aware of your wife’s disabilities; he should have made arrangements for her to get there and back.”

5. Your Son Is the Bad Guy

“Your son is being utterly unreasonable if he expects you to drive six hours (three each way) for an event you’re not invited to. Only to drop your wife off and pick her up. The big jerk is your son for putting you in this position.”

6. People Are Missing the Point

“People seem to be getting lost in details that aren’t important. Why you aren’t invited is less critical than your son and wife’s presumption that you will drive a six-hour round trip at least once when you aren’t attending the event.”

7. You’re the Bad Guy

“What he did with his grandmother’s house is not your business. You’re a really bad husband and parent, your poor wife and son.”

8. It’s On Her

“She knew she was invited and not you. She could have made arrangements ahead of time. I would not drive six hours round trip.

What were you supposed to do when she was at the wedding? She should not have gone anyways shows you she didn’t have your back.”

9. People Are Treating Her Differently Because of Disability

“I think people are being extra sensitive to her having a disability. I would side with her if he refused to take her to something like a doctor’s appointment. However, he was not invited to the wedding and wouldn’t be welcomed there. He seemed respectful of not being invited.”

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10. Actions Have Consequences

“Actions have consequences. If Son wants to exclude Dad from his wedding, he can. But to then expect him to drive six hours to bring his Mom? It’s up to Son to make alternate travel arrangements for Mom if he wants to exclude her normal means of transport.”

Wow. I’m honestly surprised the conversation went this way. What do you think? Did Reddit get this right, or do you have another opinion?


This article was inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Budget Savvy Bride.

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