10 Honest Thoughts on Mom Canceling Vegetarian Caterer for Son’s Wedding!

By: Elizabeth Ervin
| Published:
March 10, 2023

What would you do if your mother went behind your back and changed your wedding menu? That happened to one groom, who we will call Andy, and his bride Nina.

First, they are both 21 and have been dealing with the backlash of being “too young” to be married. However, Andy clarified they are high school sweethearts who’ve known each other since kindergarten and know what we want to do.

One of those things is to have a vegetarian wedding reception. Andy and Nina have been vegetarians for years and don’t support serving their guests something they wouldn’t eat.

However, Andy’s mother has a problem with the menu. She believes vegetarian food is bland, and they’ll regret it when their “guests go home hungry.”

Furthermore, she hasn’t been involved since he was four or five. Nonetheless, she’s “dying to be involved” in their wedding.

Mom Makes Other Arrangements

Andy explained he recently discovered she canceled the catering service for one that serves meat. “It blows my mind how she was able to do this.”

Andy exhausted his time on two phone calls with catering companies and was able to cancel one while securing the other one again. Next, he sent her a message uninviting her from attending the wedding.

She called, angry and possibly crying, but he hung up the phone. Nina’s supportive and believes he was generous to invite her to begin with, but his family disagrees.

Andy explained relatives were calling, either angry or disappointed that he would do this to his mother. Finally, he confessed that he wouldn’t be making this post if his siblings hadn’t suggested the same and that he should have made a compromise.

What do you think? Is he the bad guy for not compromising with a meat option for the wedding? Or are you stunned at the mother’s audacity? Here is how the internet responded.

1. Vegetarian Food Is Not Bland

The idea that vegetarian food is bland outraged a woman who reminded people that pizza, pasta, and most desserts are vegetarian.

2. She Sabatoged the Wedding

Another suggested reality is Andy’s mother sabotaged the wedding. So it is reasonable to uninvite her to prevent further damage.

3. You Don’t Need Meat

The idea that every meal needs meat is Western, and it’s an inadequate diet. You can eat meals without meat. Moreover, this user reiterated what many others voiced in the thread, “IT’S YOUR WEDDING!”

4. Your Mother Was Out of Line

Not surprisingly, many agreed that Andy’s mother was out of line. It’s ludicrous that some people are unwilling to try something new and eat their vegetables for one meal.

One noted, “Stick to what you know is right for you. Your guests might realize that vegetarian food can be filling and tasty if done right.”

5. Bland Is Not Accurate

Again, someone didn’t like the idea that vegetarian food is bland and reminded the thread all the flavor-inducing ingredients are plant-based: garlic, onions, peppers, ginger, tomatoes, herbs, and spices.

Another suggested only people who have yet ever to have daal makhani or saag paneer would offer vegetarian food is bland. Finally, one joked, “Seriously, the entire Indian subcontinent would like to have a word with this mother.”

6. Change Your Passwords

Because she was able to change the catering because she could do it online with his password (divulged in the comments), one user advised Andy immediately change passwords to protect all other vendors.

7. It’s Reasonable

“It’s reasonable for a vegetarian couple to have vegetarian food at their wedding.” This user suggests it’s essential to cater to allergies, but being an omnivore doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a vegetarian meal.

8. Your Mom Is a Loose Cannon

The fact that Andy’s mother threw a fit, then changed the catering, and then played the victim about being uninvited caused one user to profess her to be a “loose cannon with a nasty streak.”

9. Your Mother Is Delusional

Not many contested that Andy’s mother was delusional. One clarified again that vegetarian food is not bland but emphasized the audacity of not liking something and changing someone’s wedding to cater to her preferences. 

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10. She Made It Clear

Finally, somebody suggested that she made it clear that” her opinion is more important to her than her relationship with you.”

This thread inspired this post.

This article was inspired by the internet and did not necessarily reflect the views of The Budget Savvy Bride.

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