10 Horrific Stories People Shared About Weddings They Attended

Weddings are supposed to be a glorious event celebrating the union of two people in love. Some people even consider it the most special day of their life. However, what happens when it all goes wrong? Here are ten horrific stories where the wedding plans did not go off without a hitch.

1. Biker Bridal Party

One person shared a wedding where the bride was doing shots at 8:00 am in the bridal suite while getting ready. She then had the maid of honor call one of the guys to ensure they got plastic bottles or vodka, not glass.

They were riding on motorcycles, and she didn’t want to risk the bottles breaking if they fell off. She had known the groom for about two months. Unfortunately, the reception was worse than you could imagine.

The wedding party passed through a Harley-Davidson Dealership, and they were an hour late to the reception from the ceremony. Finally, they arrived with an inebriated squad of bikers, with the bride and bridesmaids on the back of their bikes.

One of them hit a car in the parking lot because he was intoxicated. By the night’s end, the bride was passed out on a table while the groom drank with other ladies at the reception.

2. Mother-in-Law Makes the Bride Cry

Another explained the groom’s mother came to the bride’s room, where they were all snacking and getting ready and generally having a good time, listening to music, and doing hair and makeup. She wanted to say a heartfelt message to the bride.

The bride’s father had passed away not long before, so we were doing everything we could to keep things upbeat. The groom’s mother tells her about how her dad looks down from heaven crying happy tears and how he must hate to miss this day. It made the bride cry inconsolably.

Her makeup is now in her decolletage, and her nose is red and running. The groom’s mother hands her back to us, saying, “Oh dear, she can’t walk down the aisle like this!” and leaves the room. We spend half an hour calming the bride down, cooling her face, and fixing her makeup.

The ceremony started late, and the maid of honor had just a basic ponytail because we had to spend so much time on damage control. The bride spent most of the reception just sitting and looking exhausted. The groom’s mother danced all night long.

3.  Hours Left Outside in December

Someone shared a story about a December wedding. They had all the guests show up two hours before the ceremony with nowhere to wait and no warning.

They did not have access to the church or reception building until the ceremony started. There were no seats, protection from the elements, bathrooms, or food or drink.

People dressed in their absolute best wandered on the lawns in the cold wind for a while before just getting back into their cars to avoid freezing while the wedding party took photos. We watched in our vehicles as they took pictures around the grounds.

Eventually, an hour and a half later, someone from the wedding party had to go car to car and tell people they could go to the heated church for the ceremony. Some left instead.

4. Murderer In the Room

One man shared, “My wife and I got dragged to her friend’s mother’s wedding. It was her third marriage. Besides being super awkward, it went off without a hitch.”

He elaborated that it was only awkward because the son of the bride was involved in the murder of the groom’s nephew. He had gone with some friends to buy illicit substances, but they didn’t intend to pay for them.

So he was charged with murder and accepted a plea deal. Someone thought it would be appropriate for him to be in attendance.

5. The Illusive Concert Wedding

Another man noted his friend’s wife decided to have guests pay for a ticket to their wedding. Of course, it wasn’t cheap either. But, she decided that since people pay that much for concerts, they shouldn’t mind paying to see “two rock stars get married.”

They had a love for music, and they didn’t hire wedding singers for the reception. Instead, it was a wedding concert with the newlyweds performing for the guests. The ticket was $100 for a country where $150 was the minimum monthly wage. “I paid the price and had to bring a gift.”

6. Bride Gets Punched In The Face by Groom

Another shared that at her brother-in-law’s wedding, they decided to smash the cake in each other’s faces. You’d think this would be innocent and fun, but he underestimated his strength.

“My brother-in-law punched that poor girl in the face.” Her nose was bleeding, and she ran into the bathroom for over an hour before reappearing.

7. Bride Changed Her Mind

Someone explained they went to a wedding where the groom was left standing at the altar. The bride’s dad walked to the front, told everyone that his daughter had changed her mind, and insisted everyone go to the reception hall to enjoy the music and food.

At the reception hall, a brawl broke out between the two families that escalated among some guests who took sides. People were throwing plates, tables knocked over, ice sculptures shattered, and they injured a small child in the commotion.

An elderly guest began having chest pains and collapsed. Management called the police and an ambulance. I left through the kitchen.

8.  Bees in the Gazebo

One person shared that they were a bridesmaid in an outdoor wedding where the ceremony occurred at a gazebo in a garden. They missed the rehearsal due to work but followed along with her paired groomsmen.

They didn’t address the issue at the rehearsal, but a beehive was under the gazebo. The bees were unhappy with the loud music and sound equipment, hairspray and perfume smell, and stomping on the gazebo.

The whole wedding party was swatting and cringing. Finally, the officiant rushed as much as possible to get us out. I never saw the wedding video, but I’m sure it was a complete mess.

9. Bridezilla of Few Words

Another explained that the bride snapped her fingers at her and barked ‘Dresser!’ in front of the guests because she wanted her train adjusted for the photo shoot.

“She didn’t even have the courtesy to look me in the eye. Instead, she snapped her fingers and pointed. I don’t think she said a complete sentence to me the entire day. I ghosted her after the ceremony.”

10. The Wedding Brawl

Finally, someone told the story of a bride’s father getting into quite an aggressive argument with the best man (the groom’s brother) because he was too friendly with his niece, seventeen.

The best man didn’t know she was 17 and was only 19 himself but understood it was not acceptable as she was still a minor. He was mortified when he found out. It was awkward, but they agreed it was a misunderstanding and the night went on.

Many drinks later, they were all on the dancefloor. “I was collecting glasses, so I was in the center of this.” The best man was genuinely apologizing to the 17-year-old on the side of the dancefloor. Since it was a genuine apology, the following events were utterly unnecessary.

The bride’s father saw them talking and, without hesitation, came over and punched the best man square in the face. Upon seeing this, the groom ran over to the bride’s father and hit him back.

It ended up in a brawl between multiple heavily intoxicated family members. The bride got in between them to break it up, and she, unfortunately, got a black eye from being hit.

“I swooped in and got her out of there as my manager came running out of the kitchen to break it up. The bride was in tears, her day ruined.”

We hope you enjoyed this juicy list of Reddit wedding stories gone bad.


This article was inspired by the internet and did not necessarily reflect the views of The Budget Savvy Bride.

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