10 Naruto Girls Who’d Make Amazing Maids Of Honor

In the Naruto universe, daily life goes on inside the Hidden Villages while the shinobi are away. Men and women work their normal jobs, tend to their houses, and relax on the weekends. Despite constant funerals, the Hidden Villages also have things to celebrate like the induction of new Hokage or the marriage between mutual friends.

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As such, brides carry on the tradition of selecting a maid of honor among their friends. Many of the shinobi’s skills are essential for fulfilling this role: organization, preemptive thinking, and an ability to adapt instantly to any situation. For this reason, some of Konohgakaure’s ladies would make amazing maids of honor.

Tsunade’s Bachelorette Party Would Be A Wild Casino Weekend

Tsunade Smiles In Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Tsunade is Konohagakure’s Fifth Hokage and its best medical-nin. When she isn’t working, she enjoys dining at local restaurants and is always on the lookout for a strong drink. She’s also an avid gambler, albeit not a good one, and frequents many casinos throughout Land of Fire.

As a maid of honor, Tsunade would use her extensive knowledge to find the best, all-expenses-paid trip to the Land of Fire’s most lavish casino. She’d entertain the bachelorette part with stories from her youth, her medical exploits, and teach the bride tricks to maintain a youthful look long into marriage. Her party could also win big at the poker table so long as they always bet against Tsunade’s odds.

No Other Wedding Toast Would Compare To Kushina Uzumaki’s

Kushina Uzumaki, Naruto's mom, frowning in Naruto.

< Kushina Uzumaki is the Fourth Hokage's wife and Naruto's mother. Despite working as a shinobi, she mostly stays in the village and fosters friendships with other mothers like Mikoto Uchiha. Kushina has an intense love for her relatives and will easily hurt anyone who dares threaten them.

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Kushina’s greatest skill is giving heartfelt speeches on the fly. As the maid of honor, any bride should expect a wedding toast that makes them cry. Even if she didn’t write it until the night before, Kushina’s ability to speak meaningfully and decisively would make it impossible to tell.

Kurenai’s Genjutsu Could Send The Happy Couple To Any Honeymoon Destination

kurenai smiling from naruto

Kurenai Yuhi is a Konohagakure jonin and leader of Team 8. She maintains deep relationships with her friends and is unafraid to tell them what she’s thinking, even if they don’t want to hear it. Kurenai is also one of Konoha’s greatest genjutsu users outside the Uchiha clan.

As a maid of honor, Kurenai’s genjutsu could send the bride and groom on the honeymoon of their dreams. She could create a genjutsu that allows them to travel the entire world in the span of a few days. The bride could have an entire year off on a beach while spending the weekend on their couch, free of charge.

Shizune Would Easily Assume The Role Of An Unpaid Wedding Planner

Shizune Is Confused In Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Shizune is a Konoha jonin and the personal aid to Lady Tsunade. Most of her work consists of keeping track of Tsunade’s deadlines and paperwork as the former Fifth Hokage is terribly unorganized. Though weak as a kunoichi, Shizune is a strong accountant and tracks Tsunade’s debts while helping her avoid collection officers.

Due to her experience as a personal aid, Shizune would easily assume the role of wedding planner if she was named the maid of honor. A bride would never miss a date or a down payment so long as Shizune was at her side. Shizune would also perform this job free of charge, alleviating a huge expense on an already expensive day.

Hinabi Would Turn The Hyuga Complex Into A Great Wedding Venue

Hanabi Hyuga Smiles In Boruta: Naruto Next Generations

Hinabi is a member of the Hyuga’s main family and sister to the clan’s heiress. Like Hinata, Hinabi enjoys cooking and remains focused on her duties to her clan. She’s also intensely loyal to her friends and is willing to risk her life to protect them from harm.

Hinabi’s loyalty extends to anyone who deems her important enough to be called a maid of honor. Her considerable influence over the Hyuga would turn the Hyuga Clan complex into Konohagakure’s most beautiful wedding venue; with its hundred rooms, open-air spaces, and gorgeous trees, the bride and groom would secure Konoha’s best venue free of charge.

No Small Detail Would Be Overlooked By Temari’s “Take-No-Prisoners” Mentality

Temari with her arm raised in Naruto.

Temari is a Sunagakure kunoichi and its most proficient Wind-Style ninjutsu user.. She has a no-nonsense attitude that extends not only to her missions, but her friendships as well. Despite her hard exterior, she feels emotions deeply and likes to know where she stands in all of her relationships.

Temari’s blunt honesty and unending perseverance would assist any bride in her journey toward marriage. To ensure a perfect day, she wouldn’t overlook any detail from the wedding dress lace to the sunset time at the venue. Temari wouldn’t be afraid to tell any bride she was getting too emotional before finding a way to talk her down.

Adult Tenten In Boruto

Tenten is Konohagakure’s Ninja Tool master and a member of team 9. She opened Konoha’s Ninja Tool shop following the Fourth Ninja War. By carrying thousands of ninja tools within her sealing scrolls, Tenten incorporates them into her attacks to coordinate deadly ninjutsu combinations.

Tenten could carry anything a bride would ever need inside her scrolls, so long as she was maid of honor: bleach pens for spots, nail polish for day-of touch-ups, or a needle and thread to sew unfortunate rips. Tenten wouldn’t complain if the bride asked her to produce a curler for a last-minute hairdo change, and might even have a few funny one-liners to make them both laugh.

Ino Yamanaka Would Create The Most Beautiful Flower Arrangements

Ino Yamanaka In The Naruto Franchise

Ino Yamanaka is the head of the Yamanaka clan and an essential member of the Ino-Shika-Cho combination within Team Asuma. Following her family’s traditions, Ino runs the Yamanaka Flower Shop in Konohagakure.

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Ino’s lifetime of experience selling flowers makes her any bride’s go-to person for floral advice. As the maid of honor, Ino’s flower shop and connections would result in the freshest, most vibrant floral bouquets, centerpieces, and boutonnieres ever seen. Ino would also offer them at a hefty discount as she exclusively grows them herself.

The Entire Bridal Party Could Expect Hinata To Give Amazing, Personalized Gifts

Hinata Hyuga Naruto Shippuden Smiling Blushing

Hinata Hyuga is the heiress to the Hyuga clan and a member of Team 8. She is incredibly shy and kind, and often becomes overwhelmed when the attention is turned on her. Her observant nature makes her a great friend and ally to anyone who’s granted the title.

As such, Hinata’s gifts for the bridal party would be extremely thoughtful and personalized. She’d learn each person’s favorite things, buy or make them by hand, and tie them together with a tasteful common theme. Although her face would burn red at the surprised exclamations and heartfelt tears, Hinata would no doubt be pleased by such an overwhelmingly positive reaction.

Even A Groom With Cold Feet Would Attend The Wedding With Sakura As Maid-Of-Honor

Sakura smiling and waving in Boruto

Sakura is Lady Tsunade’s student and a member of team 7. She works as a medical-nin and is one of Konohagakure’s most powerful kunoichi. Despite this, Sakura’s intense loyalty and love for her friends is actually her greatest strength.

Sakura’s wish to see her friend happy would no doubt remain at the forefront of all her actions. Her intense personality would serve any bride well on her wedding day as she could threaten and cajole even the most nervous groom into walking down the aisle.

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