10 of the Fastest Ways to Ruin a Wedding

While scrolling a popular internet forum, I stumbled upon an interesting discussion. Someone asked, “What’s the fastest way to ruin a wedding?” Naturally, many people volunteered ridiculously immature answers. However, these ten seem valid. What do you think?

1. Proposing at a Wedding

Many in the thread believed that proposing at a wedding is the worst cliche. One shared, “My sister’s former best friend proposed to his fiancé right after the ceremony. It happened while we were taking the photos before the reception.

Then, she announced it to everyone in the middle of my sister’s photo shoot. Then, she put herself in the forefront of all the pictures in engagement poses that went unnoticed until after the wedding, when they received the photos.

Not only did she cause a considerable disruption at my sister’s wedding, but she also cheapened the photographer‘s time by not scheduling a separate event. As a result, they still haven’t given her the photos.”

2. Bringing Children to Weddings Who Can’t Behave

“The worst is when people bring their children to weddings when they are misbehaving and overwhelmed by the atmosphere,” suggested one.

“I have no issue with children attending weddings as long as they can sit quietly without causing a disruption. For example, you shouldn’t have to hear a child screaming in the background of every wedding video.”

3. Intimate Conversations About the Groom

Someone volunteered while attending her friend’s wedding. Her sister-in-law regaled her intimate encounters with the groom for over two hours at the reception’s after-party.

She was very intoxicated, and though she thought only her friends could hear her, she was talking loud enough, and the bride heard. It caused the honeymoon to be postponed and a fight to ensue for days.

4. Announcing Your Pregnancy

“I would be devastated if someone announced their pregnancy at my wedding,” admitted one. “I can understand the excitement of knowing and having so much family under the same roof.

Still, there’s no reason to reveal that information at someone’s wedding when you could just as easily tell everyone earlier or wait a few days. I never understood why people need that much attention.”

5. Wearing White

Never wear white to a wedding. One user wrote, “I had a friend who wore a white dress to her ex-husband’s wedding.

He was marrying the young woman he cheated on his wife with, so my friend wore a gorgeous bridal-styled dress. She looked incredible until the maid of honor threw a glass of wine at her for the entrance she made.”

6. Setting the Schedule in Stone

“Being too uptight about a schedule can ruin a wedding,” suggested another. “Plans that don’t allow any space for error tend to cause heightened anxiety on the wedding day. However, it’s not worth being entirely on time if you’re not enjoying the gorgeous event you put together.”

7. Unwanted Visitors

One user explained, “A visit from an unwanted visitor can instantly ruin a wedding. For example, my husband’s baby’s mother decided to show up at our wedding right after we said, “I do.”

She tried to start a fight with me, ending in a screaming match between her and half of the wedding party. She had to be removed, and the reception didn’t move on as planned for over two hours because of the mayhem she caused.”

8. Jokingly Objecting to the Marriage

“Jokingly stating that you object to the union is a sure way to make everyone hate you,” another added. “If anyone objects to a wedding, whether a joke or not, the marriage is interrupted, and it can take several hours to resume, if it resumes at all.”

9. Becoming Overly Intoxicated

“Becoming overly intoxicated can easily ruin a wedding,” one explained. “Many people don’t think about this because everyone likes to party and let loose at weddings.

However, this can take a turn if people become too overly inebriated. So my family has consistently enforced a limit to make sure nothing gets too dangerous or violent.”

10.  Inappropriately Disrupting the Wedding

“The worst is when a grown adult makes an inappropriate disruption,” shared another. “One time, I attended a friend’s wedding, and one of his groomsmen was heavily intoxicated and proceeded to flirt heavily and be rejected by each member of the bridal party.

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In his depressive state from the rejections, he loudly exclaimed that he was available and actively seeking someone to go home with that night. Most of the guests were creeped out or disgusted, and he was removed from the venue. Everyone was still uncomfortable for the remainder of the night.”

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit list of things that can ruin a wedding.


This article was inspired by the internet and did not necessarily reflect the views of The Budget Savvy Bride.

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