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Larry Hankin, who played the iconic Mr. Heckles in Friends, recently discussed in a controversial interview that he wasn’t wanted for the reunion show, proving that the series doesn’t spark fond memories for everyone who was involved. But for fans, very few TV shows bring the same degree of comfort and familiarity as Friends. The zeitgeist-defining sitcom is just a click away, available in the U.S. on HBO Max, but the cherry on the cake is that streaming services allow viewers to decide on their favorite episodes.

Whilst, fans have picked the ultimate list of Friends’ feel-good episodes, some may wonder which of its quotes emanate the most feel-good vibes, radiate positive energy and give the warm fuzzies.


Rachel’s Got Magic Beans

“I’ve Got Magic Beans.”

Rachel Green holding a phone in her hands at her apartment in Friends

In “The One with George Stephanopoulos,” Rachel realizes she is surrounded by people who are there to help her get through uncertain times.

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As it’s seen, Rachel feels she’s behind in life and her former friends are making progress. Phoebe helps her see that she too will find her magic beans, like Jack from the English tale Jack and the Beanstalk, and be okay in the end. It takes some time but by the end of this comforting episode, Rachel is assured she will do just fine. Her words convey that she knows she has officially entered the phase where her friends are her family.

Monica Knows Everything Works Itself Out

“You Just Gotta Figure At Some Point It’s All Gonna Come Together And It’s Just Gonna Be Un-Floopy.”

Rachel Green and Monica Geller sitting on the couch at their apartment in Friends

In the same episode, when Rachel comes back all huffy from seeing her rich Long Island friends getting the best of life, she feels lost. Monica dispels her doubts in the most assuring way, using words that feel like a warm hug.

Monica helps Rachel understand that the 20s oftentimes present adults with unanticipated problems, but the real trick lies in keeping calm and taking it one day at a time as opposed to all at once. By the end of this episode and onwards, Rachel learns to deal with her problems in a more healthy way.

Rachel Wants To Discover Her True Self

“… All Of My Life Everyone Has Always Told Me, ‘You’re A Shoe, You’re A Shoe! You’re A Shoe!’ And Then Today I Just Stopped And I Said, ‘What If I Don’t Want To Be A Shoe?'”

Rachel Green talking on the phone at Monica's apartment in Friends

One of the best Rachel Green quotes on Friends comes from the pilot, thanks to her epiphany and the irascible Dr. Green’s call. It’s hours after she’s run out on her wedding, and her parents are worried. When she finally talks to her father, she speaks about why it was important to do what she did.

Rachel explains herself via metaphors, referencing how she had the whole Long Island princess life picked out for her but that she no longer wanted it. Her words emphasize the importance of taking action and assure fans that it’s never too late for self-discovery or self-assessment.

Phoebe Knew All Along

“He’s Her Lobster.”

Phoebe Chandler Joey and Monica in the living room in Friends

The circumstances by which Ross and Rachel get together for the first time in “The One with the Prom Video” are spectacular and heartwarming.

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Ross learns about how lobsters mate for life from Phoebe and it’s actually not true, but it makes him convinced he and Rachel are endgame. Rachel doesn’t think much of the theory, at first, because of badly Ross tells it. She’s touched when she watches an old videotape of her and Monica’s prom and finds out Ross had dressed up and intended to be a replacement date after Chipp Matthews seemed to stand her up. Rachel swooshes across the room to kiss Ross and the real joy lies in listening to Phoebe repeat her lovely words.

Rachel’s All Snug On The Couch

“I Gotta Tell You, This Really Does Put Me In A Better Mood.”

Monica Rachel and Phoebe sitting on the couch drinking beer and eating popcorn in Friends

Rachel’s relationship with Ross causes her grief, but also leads to some priceless feel-good moments that radiate the warmth of friendship on the screen. One such heartwarming quote and moment lies in “The One With the Wedding Dresses,” wherein viewers see Rachel put on her old wedding dress.

The scene has a bit of backstory. Rachel is sad about Ross getting married so fast, and gets herself into a sticky situation on Friends by proposing to her boyfriend, Joshua, who freaks out and declines. Later, on Phoebe’s suggestion, she puts on her old wedding dress to feel better, and just like that, one of the most priceless moments of friendship unfolds on screen. Rachel, who sits between Monica and Phoebe, feels instantly happier, and her words convey the essence of having such good friends by her side.

Rachel States The Obvious

“I Am Sooooo Drunk!”

Monica and Rachel dancing at Chandler's college party in Friends

Season 10 gives fans a priceless peek into Rachel and Monica’s BFF moments from their high school days. The flashback 1987 scene in “The One Where the Stripper Cries” sees them carefree dancing at Ross’ college party.

Rachel, who’s had one too many, feels a little woozy before stating the obvious. She perfectly sums up the wild, carefree moments of her and Monica living it up and not having to deal with the perils of adulthood. This scene is cute, energetic, and endearing all at the same time, and fans love to watch it over and over.

Chandler Welcomes Joey Back

“Welcome Home, Man.”

Joey and Chandler talking in their kitchen area in Friends

Joey briefly moved out in season 3 but was back four episodes later in “The One Where Eddie Won’t Go” after being fired from Days of Our Lives. Granted, with his financial situation, he could no longer afford to live by himself but the fact is that he’d missed being away from Chandler.

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So when Joey finally moved back in, Chandler didn’t say much except call the apartment their “home.” His welcome was short, and cheerful, not to mention it ended fans’ nightmare of seeing them living apart.

Monica’s Priceless Words

“Welcome To The Real World! It Sucks, You’re Gonna Love It.”

Monica hugs Rachel after she cuts her credit cards

One of the most iconic quotes in Friends comes from the pilot, wherein viewers see Monica give Rachel a reality check and follow that up with the assurance that real joy and happiness lie in embracing uncertainty.

Monica’s words ring true to viewers, in that, being a 20-something doesn’t come without challenges. What she means by saying Rachel is “going to love it” is really the fact that embracing uncertainty and finding mature responses is what growth is all about. Rachel’s life begins the moment she sets out to make it on her own and Monica’s words help her (and her fans) see the light.

Joey’s Sensitive Side

“I Saw You In This Great House With A Big Pool … Oh, And You Have These Three Great Kids …”

Joey hugs Monica at her apartment in Friends

Joey is the voice of reason in “The One With the Jam,” when Monica is still getting over her breakup with Richard. She ventures into the jam-making business, but when that fails, searches through potential sperm donors to have a baby.

Whilst Monica is well within her rights to make decisions for herself, her friends worry that she isn’t thinking the whole situation through. She wants to have a family with the man that she loves, so when Joey paints a rosy picture of her future, she begins to take the breakup in her stride. Joey’s emotional intelligence really comes through with his sensible words and it’s endearing how he’s in touch with his sensitive side.

Ross Buys Phoebe A Bike

“Everyone Should Have Their First Bike, You Know?”

Ross teaching Phoebe how to ride a bike in a park in Friends

In “The One with All the Candy,” Ross buys Phoebe her first bike after learning she didn’t have one as a kid. His sweet gesture reminds fans that close friendships can help enrich life in innumerable ways.

Ross’ intent reflects how selfless he is as a person. He just wants her best friend to have her first bike and his words give fans the warm fuzzies.

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