10 Reasons Real Brides and Grooms Decided to Have a Child-Free Wedding

By: The Budget Savvy Bride
| Published:
January 24, 2023

The topic of child-free weddings has somehow become controversial. Many people think expecting you to come to a wedding without your kids is unreasonable, while others understand entirely.

So how do you feel about it? Here are ten reasons the bride and groom may decide to host child-free.

1.  Many Parents Excuse Bad Behavior

“Parents endlessly make excuses for their kids and allow them to act up and give you an attitude if you say anything about it,” one suggested. “It’s the same with pet owners who have no control over their dogs.

It avoids the problem altogether by having a child-free and pet-free wedding. Either people don’t bring their kids or pets, or they don’t go. Either way, the problem is solved.”

2. Children Can Be Disruptive

Another bride shared, “We did it. No regrets. Children can be disruptive, and we didn’t want that on the biggest day of our lives. We wanted people to hear our vows, not a baby crying.

Besides, what kid wants to sit through a wedding ceremony and all the things that go along with it? Not to mention, the parents that came got to treat it as a date night with free alcohol.”

3. Weddings Aren’t Fun For Kids

“Weddings are no fun for kids,” explained another. “I hired a babysitter for anyone to use for the ceremony. Kids were welcome for the reception. Only one person used it, but that was fine. I didn’t have kids as part of my wedding party either. No regrets.”

4. Everyone Deserves to Relax Sometimes

“We wanted everyone to have a relaxing time at our wedding. So we told people to get a sitter so you can drink our free alcohol,” answered another. “I wish we didn’t have to tell people that. Also, we only had a few people who had kids then. But it’s your day so do what you want.”

Another added, “Don’t get me wrong, kids are acceptable at some weddings, but sometimes you want everyone to relax and not worry about stuff. Kids are not-fully-relaxed.”

5. No Children Means No Chaos

“If I could have a re-do wedding, I’d have a child-free wedding,” another admitted. “The kid’s at my wedding kept messing with the DJ gear and our wedding decor. They swiped frosting off our cake before we cut it and cried during the reception.

Even after being removed from the church, we could still hear them wailing in the background. Because we had a black-tie wedding, the parents were afraid or were too preoccupied to punish their kids.

Had I known, and had it been a thing ten years ago, I would not have allowed children at my wedding or reception.”

6. Weddings Are Expensive

“As someone recently married, my wife and I paid for almost everything,” one shared. “Inviting the children would have doubled the guest list. We couldn’t afford to pay for everyone and their kids. Furthermore, an open bar wedding isn’t exactly a child-friendly environment.”

Another agreed, “Weddings are insanely expensive. Having been to my friend’s wedding, where kids were squawking during the ceremony and the vows, I’ll be asking people not to bring children to my wedding.

Every time they watch their wedding video for the rest of their lives, they’ll hear someone’s child shrieking randomly during their vows.”

7. Child-Free Means No Filter

“Among the many other reasons listed, playing whatever music you want to hear without worrying about little ears overanalyzing the lyrics is very freeing,” one suggested. 

“A lot more needs to be filtered when kids are around,” agreed another. “Especially stories and music choices can become a real issue with children at the wedding.”

8. Guests Can Be Present

One woman explained, “I decided to do child-free because my nephew at the time was under two years old, and I knew my mom would make herself in charge of taking care of him while my brother and sister-in-law let her.

Also, having no kids meant my mother could enjoy her daughter’s wedding and be fully present. Parents can’t be fully present at the ceremony if they are watching their kids the whole time.”

9. Weddings Can Be Dangerous

“Many wedding events can be dangerous for kids, especially at venues like the beach, where people are consuming alcohol and children are playing around or in the water,” shared one.

“I’d venture to say if it’s a wedding with alcohol, kids shouldn’t be there. They don’t belong in a bar. So what makes an open bar different?”

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10. Guests With Kids May Need to Leave Early

Finally, one bride volunteered, “Guests who bring children are likely to leave earlier because they’re exhausted from corralling the little ones, so you end up with a thinned-out crowd at the reception early in the night.

I invited my guests because I wanted them to attend, not for them to have to leave halfway through because their child couldn’t behave.”

What do you think? Did Reddit get this right, or are you one of the people offended by a wedding invitation that reads child-free?

This article was inspired by discussions on the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Budget Savvy Bride.

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