11 Bridal Pieces That Will Never Go Out Of Style

When looking for the outfit you will wear on your wedding day there can be a lot of pressure to find something that you will love in 10, 15, or even 30, years’s time. There can be a real emphasis on making a classic or timeless choice, however if we are being realistic, none of us (even those within the industry) can predict how exactly tastes will change and what wardrobe choices we will or won’t regret. To succeed in your mission, it’s best to focus on what feels the most true to your own personal style. If you always feel your most confident in loud, directional styling choices, perhaps looking “timeless” shouldn’t be the goal for you. 

“Choosing a wedding dress is a unique experience for every bride and, for me, a “timeless” look is the one that makes you feel incredible, and the very best version of yourself, whether it’s a ballgown, a simple slip dress or a trouser suit,” explains bridal designer Kate Halfpenny. “I was always drawn to that iconic nipped-in waist and big skirt silhouette when I was a child, and so to me it’s a shape that always features, albeit in new and fresh ways, each time I design a collection, and many of our brides love a modern twist on tradition.” 

If you want to opt for something classic that leans on the side of tradition, there are certain iconic items that have remained popular with a new cohort of brides every single year. Plus, with these heritage or re-released pieces you can be confident that the design and quality has been perfected and revisited again and again over time. Manolo Blahnik heels, Vivienne Westwood corset dresses, silk pyjamas and ivory tuxedos look just as elegant now as they did on brides 10 years ago, making them undisputed modern classics worthy of the hype. 

Keep scrolling for 11 bridal choices we are willing to bet will remain popular for years to come. 

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