11 Things You Didn’t Know Your Grocery Store’s Bakery Can Do for You

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Photo: Soloviova Liudmyla (Shutterstock)

What’s better than pulling freshly baked croissants out of your own home oven? Croissants that you didn’t have to laminate, cut, and shape yourself! As I mentioned earlier, most grocery store bakeries make certain things in-house and the rest is made, or partially made, at an off-site commissary location. These items are usually frozen before shipping, for easy packing and to ensure the product doesn’t get damaged in transit. It arrives in an ideal state to either stay frozen or get baked. So things like cookie dough are pre-portioned and ready to bake, croissants are ready to thaw and proof, pies are filled and covered with dough, all assembled raw, but ready to bake for the first time.

Some bakeries will let you purchase these items in their raw, frozen state to take home and bake off on your own. The cost will likely reflect that of the baked and finished item, so don’t expect to save money, but this might be ideal if you’d like to get your Thanksgiving shopping done three days early and still have a fresh-baked pie with your family meal. For the best semi-at-home baking experience, remember to ask the bakery counter staff for any tips on thawing and baking, and get them in writing (or take notes yourself).