‘110’, ‘119’ wedding wins over netizens

Ren Qianni (left) and Bao Jianbang at the marriage registration office in Dongyang, Zhejiang province. [Photo provided to China Daily]

After posting a video of them getting their marriage certificate on social media, a policewoman and a fireman were showered with blessings by hundreds of thousands of netizens across China. In the video, the newlyweds were both in uniform. Many netizens joked that their coupling was a combination of 110, the emergency hotline for police, and 119, the hotline for firefighters.

Bao Jianbang, the firefighter, works in Wuxi, Jiangsu province. He met his wife, Ren Qianni, at a friend”s party in his hometown in Dongyang, Zhejiang province, in January last year.

“We fell in love at first sight,” Bao said. “But she didn’t like the idea of long distance relationships, so she hid her feelings for me at first.”

A man of action, Bao began calling Ren frequently and drove back to Dongyang, more than 200 kilometers from Wuxi, to visit her whenever he had time. He would often drive back to Wuxi the same day.

On March 20, Bao unexpectedly showed up at Ren’s birthday party with a bunch of flowers. Ren was finally moved by his persistence and sincerity and agreed to become his girlfriend.

Ren and Bao did not have too much time together.

Apart from the 200-km distance, both have stressful jobs that keep them busy. Last year, they didn’t see each other for nearly six months, partly because Bao was sent to Henan province in July to help with rescue efforts after severe floods inundated the area and claimed many lives.

“I didn’t have much time to call her,” Bao said. “There was too much work to do in the flood-hit areas. Although she got worried when our calls didn’t connect, she told me every time we spoke that I just needed to take care of myself, and that she would take care of my parents in my hometown.”

Ren was also taking part in rescue efforts after several powerful storms swept through their hometown, but she never told Bao.