12 Unique Drool Worthy Designs For The Brides-To-Be

Hailed as one of the most auspicious Punjabi rituals, the Kaleera ceremony holds cultural and religious significance for a bride-to-be. From adorning the prettiest kaleeras to rustling them on your unmarried friends and sisters, everything about this dazzling piece of jewellery, holds a deeper meaning in a Punjabi wedding. Therefore, a ceremony whose focal point is centered around a particular ornament should never be taken for granted. 

Over the years, kaleera designs have bloomed from the authentic golden-foil ones to the new-age pretty floral ones to whatnot. You would automatically add the word “fun” whenever you hear about a Punjabi wedding. From breaking the dance floor, having a gala spread of snacks and cocktails to traditional rituals like Sangeet, Haldi and Kalire Ceremony, a Punjabi wedding is all about craziness and one of the most-fun filled weddings. Here are a few kaleera designs that real brides are flaunting and the designs are drop-dead gorgeous. You will surely dream yourself to be flaunting them on your auspicious day. 

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#1.  Customised bridal kaleeras

Customised bridal kaleeras

Image Courtesy: Be Abhika

Nowadays, kaleeras are getting customized according to the needs and preferences of the brides. Some of them write their name and the groom’s name on cushion-designed kaleeras. The pillow-designed kaleeras with the name of the bride and the groom has taken the Internet by storm. On the other hand, some brides opt for jhumki kaleeras that are infused with charms chosen by the bride. 

Priyanka Chopra adorning the customised kaleeras

Image Courtesy: Stories by Joseph Radhik

Other than that, the design of Priyanka Chopra’s kaleera is awe-inspiring. Our very own “Desi Girl” had opted for customised kaleera for her wedding. PC had decided to include her love story in her bridal kaleeras. It had all the lovely details like a symbol from Greece where Nick had proposed to her, a cupid, a cross, and a trishul. These charms very well signified the depth of their love story.  

#2. Seashell kaleeras

Kaabia Grewal adorning the seashell kaleeras on her wedding

Image Source: Outhouse Jewellery

One of the most trending and fresh out of the oven kaleera design is the seashell kaleera. Kaabia Grewal, the founder of Outhouse Jewellery was all over Instagram when she had gotten married. Amongst the many unique things that were there in her wedding, the sea-shell kaleeras stole the show. Here’s a sneak peek into the design of her kaleeras that every bride could take inspiration from. 

#3. Doli kaleeras

Neha Kakkar adorning the doli kaleeras

Image Courtesy: Sabyasachi Mukherjee

In this era of being a trendsetter, we all want to do something unique so that it gets noticed and people out there ask us where it has been bought from. Experimenting with your lehengas, makeup, or with your jewellery is very common, but have you ever thought of experimenting with your kaleeras? Sounds different, right? A bride leaves her maternal home to her in-law’s house on a doli, and this ritual also holds significance in a Punjabi wedding. However, nowadays very few people follow this custom and mostly prefer cars. Though we have replaced dolis, how about including them in our kaleeras? This would ensure some uniqueness in your wedding ceremonies and everyone would keep on praising them. Even singer Neha Kakkar had chosen doli kaleeras for her D-day. 

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Doli kaleeras

Image Courtesy: Ra Abta by Rahul

#4. Floral Kaleeras

Floral kaleeras

Image Courtesy: Badal Raja Company

One of the most trending kaleera designs right now is a floral kaleera. Artificial flowers with soothing colours can be added to your kalire and you can just change the look of your kaleeras. Though some brides use original flowers as well, mostly the artificial flower kaleeras are in trend, just like the floral jewellery that you wear in your Haldi ceremony. 

Floral Kaleeras

Image Courtesy: Blooms by Vanita

#5. Cowrie shell kaleeras

Cowrie shells kaleeras

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Recently, the kaleeras infused with cowrie shells are trending in the bridal world. The designs vary according to the choice of the brides but having a look at them will surely make you think of opting for a cowrie-shell infused kaleera for your wedding.

Cowrie and sea-shell infused kaleeras

Image Courtesy: Vogue India

#6. Birds or animal motif kaleeras

Sonam Kapoor adorning the bird motif kaleeras

Image Courtesy: Mrialini Chandra

Actress Sonam Kapoor was seen flaunting a bird kaleera for her kaleera ceremony. Since then, these kaleeras are very much in trend. Few new-age brides have geared up for this trend of kaleeras with animal and bird motif as they are cute, striking and apt to be experimented with. You can fly high with peacocks and parrots or walk down with an elephant or horse motif. With style and traditions changing dramatically over the years, these kaleeras are sure to make heads turn. 

Bird and animal motif kaleeras

Image Courtesy: Trishala Sikka

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#7. Meenakari kaleeras

Meenakari Kaleeras

Image Courtesy: Velikaya Collection

Meenakari has been a hit of all times, whether that is for your wedding jewellery or your kaleeras. They offer a subtle yet elegant look to complete your get up. Many brides even pair up doli klaeeras with meenakari designs and that looks amazing as well.

#8. Pom-pom kaleeras

Fusion of pom-pom and shagun kaleeras

Image Courtesy: Baarati Inc., Delhi

A kaleera that looks funky and traditional sounds interesting, right? A tassel or a pom-pom would help you to get a funky look for your big day and you won’t even regret it. These multi-coloured chunky are in rage everywhere. These are everyone’s favourite nowadays and can add awesomeness to your jewellery. Imagine the colour burst of blue, pink, green, and purple on your kaleeras. These vibrant circular motifs are ruling every accessory and outfit.

#9. Shagun kaleeras

Shagun Kaleeras

Image Courtesy: Through the Barrel

We all know the significance that a coconut holds in an Indian wedding. From blessing the bride and groom to embark on a new journey to breaking it before the bride enters her new home, a coconut is considered to be pious in an Indian wedding. It is considered as a “shagun” to include coconut in any ritual. Therefore, including it in your kaleeras would give it a different look and you could stick to your traditions as well. You can also get your shagun kaleeras customised according to your preference with motifs like om, swastika, kalash, coconut. These charms would mark the symbolism of shagun pretty well.

#10. Mini kaleeras

Mini Kaleeras

New trends keep on surfacing every now and then and break the stereotypical standards of Indian weddings. While we are rejoicing the trend of minimal outfits, makeup, and jewellery why not come up with the same concept for the kaleeras? Cascading from chic bangles, these mini kaleeras are no less than a statement in themselves and are going to charm every bride’s aesthetics.

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#11. Paper kaleeras

Paper Kaleeras

Pastel shades are in trend for quite some time now, and if you have selected a pastel-shade lehenga for your wedding, then nothing like pairing it up with kaleeras with pastel deets. The light-weighted kaleeras will make your ceremony memorable. Not only that, the fuss-free kaleera would make a big statement with almost no effort. People are going to love it when you would walk down the aisle in a fancy yet biodegradable manner.

#12. Pearl kaleeras

Pearl Kaleeras

Image Courtesy: Be Abhika

Pearls have been used extensively right from a bride’s jewellery, clothes, and even decor. They have paved their way to the designer kaleeras as well now. They are currently the most promising and prominent trend right now.

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Your unmarried friends and sisters would be eagerly waiting for your D-day and for you to perform the Kaleera ceremony. This ceremony would also mark the symbol that which of them is going to get married next. Therefore, make it a memorable one for her as well as for yourself by getting a trendy and stylish kaleera. If you are not much into heavy jewellery, even a minimal kaleera can kill the look.