13 Vintage Wedding Cake Ideas

If you’re planning a vintage-inspired wedding, you’re going to want a cake to match the vibe of your celebration. Luckily, a “vintage” theme spans a number of different decades, so the choices for wedding cake designs are endless.

“What is old becomes new again!” says Nicole Redd-McIntosh, owner of Nicole Bakes Cakes. “I think couples are looking back at family wedding photos, and using this style of wedding cake gives a great nod to that ‘something old’ in your wedding.”

Meet the Expert

  • Nicole Redd-McIntosh is the owner of Nicole Bakes Cakes, a boutique online bakery based in Los Angeles.
  • Heather Leavitt is the owner of Sweet Heather Anne, a boutique cake studio based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Because the term “vintage” can cover so many different time periods, with multiple interpretations, this style can be a fit for a wide range of aesthetics. “There is a certain whimsy to these designs that helps them to work for a variety of wedding styles,” says Heather Leavitt, owner of Sweet Heather Anne. “A classic white-on-white Lambeth cake would be perfect for someone throwing a timeless black tie event. The more playful designs are great for couples looking for a cake that looks delicious and is not overly fussy.” Ultimately, a vintage-inspired cake is a perfect fit for any wedding with a nod to retro.

Ready to find design inspiration for your wedding day sweet? Below, find 13 vintage wedding cake ideas.