16 Best Bridal Shower Favors of 2022

Your bridal shower attendees are a special group of people. They’re most likely a mix of close family, friends, and loved ones of your spouse-to-be, who have been by your side throughout your entire wedding planning process. In addition to all their time spent, it’s possible they’ve also contributed by purchasing engagement gifts and bridal shower gifts for you, not to mention all of the priceless emotional support leading up to the big day. One way to thank them for all of this is by surprising them with thoughtful bridal shower favors that can be handed out the day of your event.

While the thought of spending more money or adding another “to-do” to your wedding checklist may be overwhelming, the good news is that picking out favors can be a very simple and affordable process. For starters, you don’t need to break the bank, especially if you have a lot of attendees and want to minimize cost. According to Wedding Forward, people typically spend between $1-$15 per favor, and you’ll find that there are so many cute thank-you gifts under $10 that don’t lack in sentimentality. From custom wine stoppers to artisanal soaps and tea blends, there are lots of options that are both classy and functional. All you have to do is decide which favors speak most to your bridal shower theme or personal tastes. Or, if you have family and friends coordinating the event (typically the person responsible for hosting the party handles the favors), let them get creative with this starter list of ideas.

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For a sweet memento that doubles as a pantry staple, look no further than these custom honey jars. They can be personalized with the bride’s name and shower date, plus a catchphrase of your choice like “Meant to Bee” or “Bride to Bee.”


Personalized Wine Stoppers (Set of 5)

If your bridal party loves to crack open a bottle of wine, these stoppers are a sentimental favor that they’ll get a lot of use out of. Not only are they customizable with details about the shower, but they’re also one of the most affordable options on this list at under $3 a pop.


Personalized Mints (Set of 24)

This is a favor guests are guaranteed to use! Order the custom labels from this five-star Etsy seller, then simply stick them onto containers of TicTacs, which you can buy in bulk on Amazon.


Custom Seed Packets (Set of 10)

Brides with a farmhouse or rustic-themed wedding: These favors are for you. Each packet can be customized with your names and the details of your celebration; the wildflower seeds they contain will keep guests rooted in the memories of your special day.

You want your bridal shower guests to treat themselves, and nothing says self-care like a good face mask. These sheet masks from Patchology come in several different varieties, and have earned a reputation for creating noticeable differences after just one use.


Handmade Soaps (Set of 20)

These soaps are (almost!) too pretty to use. Handmade from high-quality ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil, dried lavender, and dried rose petals, they also come in several luxurious scents including lemon verbena, citrus, and honeysuckle.


Personalized Matches (Set of 50)

Classy and affordable, these matches come in at under $1 per favor. Plus, who doesn’t love some punny wedding wordplay?

For an afternoon tea bridal shower, these make the perfect favors for reminiscing on the celebration. Each tube comes with a customizable name tag, as well as your choice of twenty tea flavors including mint-lemon, jasmine, and pomegranate.

For the bride who loves her beauty products, this lip salve from Glossier will spread the glam. One of the brand’s most popular products, it comes in ten different flavors, including the original which doubles as a skin salve, too.

Not only do these Musee bath bombs have gorgeous packaging and a tiny surprise hidden inside each one, but they’re also a top choice for those who love to shop ethically. A portion of all Musee sales gets invested into children’s education in communities throughout the world.

This top-rated Etsy seller offers higher discounts for larger candle orders, which makes these ideal for favors purchased in bulk. They come in dreamy scents like Aruba coconut and cactus flower, and hundreds of customers have praised the elegant customizable design.


Crystal Nail Polish Duo

Ward off bad energy (especially before wedding day) with this nail polish duo infused with protective quartz and amethyst. Because it’s on the high end of the price range per person, this pick is best for bridal showers with a smaller number of guests.


Phenomenal Woman Enamel Pin

Unlike actual flowers, these enamel floral pins are keepsakes they can cherish forever. They’re handmade and thoughtfully designed with hibiscus flowers, which are a multicultural symbol of beauty, sincerity, femininity, glory, and true love.

Aperiteaf cocktail infusion kits come in a variety of flavors that your guests can use to elevate happy hour at home. The margarita version works especially well as a favor for a fiesta-themed shower.

Sugarfina has become a gifting sensation in recent years thanks to its high-quality candies and elegant packaging. This “Mrs.” box is filled with their best-selling Champagne gummy bears, which are infused with Dom Perignon and topped with sugar crystals.

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