16+ Best SF Wedding Photographers To Capture Your Event in 2021

The vendors you select for wedding flowers, catered food, musicians and yes … even your dress really only have to stand the test of a single day. Your wedding photographer is different. The images that your photographer or videographer captures must capture every tender moment – be it a first look, a moment between the bride and her father, or a dance with the groom and his mother. These moments can last for the rest of your life if you pick an event photographer with “the eye.”

Wedding photographers have differing mindsets when it comes to preserving events. Some are experts at staged photos, whereas others take a photojournalistic approach. Some specialize in smaller venues or courthouse nuptials, whereas others bring in a team of skilled photographers to capture your large wedding ceramony. What is “best” really comes down to what is “best for you.” You have to figure out what style and feel makes the most sense for you and your ceramony. Going through the portfolios of the photographers below will allow you to match the perfect approach and aesthetic to your needs.
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