17 Gorgeous Celebrity Wedding Bouquets

Weddings are moments of pure celebration and joy, from the ceremony to the reception, they are filled with love, happiness, and beauty. One of the most important aspects of any wedding is the bride’s bouquet. It’s the centerpiece of the bridal gown, a symbol of her love, and the most important part of her outfit. In fact, many brides have chosen their dress based on the flowers they’ve chosen for their bouquet. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most stunning celebrity wedding bouquets of all time.

1. Jessica Biel’s Pink Bouquet
Jessica Biel’s wedding was a perfect example of rustic-chic mixed with glamour. Her bouquet was filled with pink roses and peonies, which she complemented with greenery and eucalyptus. The bouquet was huge and was tied together with a delicate ribbon. The pink blooms added a romantic and feminine touch, contrasting the rugged and natural backdrop of the ceremony.

2. Amal Clooney’s White Roses
Amal Clooney is known for her sophisticated and elegant style, and her wedding day was no different. Her bouquet featured a flurry of white and ivory roses with greenery accents. These blooms perfectly paired with her Oscar de la Renta wedding gown and veil, adding an air of classic sophistication.

3. Meghan Markle’s Feminine Bouquet
Meghan Markle’s bouquet was filled with bloom after bloom of soft and elegant white or cream-colored flower varieties, including peonies, astilbe, and forget-me-nots. These blooms hand-picked by Prince Harry himself, from their garden at their home in the Cotswolds. The bouquet looked whimsical and feminine – the perfect representation of Markle’s personality.

4. Serena William’s Rustic Bouquet
Serena Williams chose to have a bohemian-themed wedding celebration, a unique and endearing wedding style. Her bouquet was a perfect complement to her laid back boho vibe. Her style featured lush greenery along with soft blooms, and exotic birds of paradise, making it stand out in every way.

5. Allison Williams’ Romantic Roses
Allison Williams chose blush-colored roses to be the centerpiece of her wedding bouquet. Her arrangement was traditional, but it still looked luxurious at the same time. The play of soft pink against crisp white added a touch of romance. The stunning bouquet perfectly matched her beautiful long-sleeved lace gown and veil.

6. Kate Middleton’s Perfectly-Structured Bouquet
Kate Middleton’s bouquet was a beautiful example of restraint, simplicity, and elegance. The bouquet was composed of white and ivory blooms, including lily of the valley, rose, hyacinth, and myrtle. The myrtle was cut from the bush that Queen Victoria planted in 1845, making it a historically significant and sentimental choice.

7. Chrissy Teigen’s Full Bouquet
Chrissy Teigen’s wedding bouquet had a very dramatic and full design. The ivory bouquet was composed of an array of white and ivory blooms, and it was just as much a statement piece as Teigen’s Vera Wang ball gown. Composed around her hands, unique flower varieties like roses and violet tulips, made it a centerpiece, matching perfectly with the champagne and cream reception setting.

8. Candice Swanepoel’s Garden Bouquet
Candice Swanepoel’s bridal bouquet was a perfect representation of her free-spirited personality. The South African beauty’s bouquet was an impressive mix of rustic and elegant, and was completed with a wild and organic style using garden-inspired blooms. The different types of flowers included golden yellow roses that were paired with pretty daisy chrysanthemums, button-pom-poms, and eucalyptus leaves. The results were a romantic and wild floral arrangement.

9. Ciara’s Extravaganza Bouquet
Ciara decided to go big with her wedding bouquet, and it turned out to be a gorgeous masterpiece. Her bouquet was composed of truly unique and exotic blooms, featuring many hues of lavender roses, antique hydrangea, lisianthus, anemones, and peach peonies. The beauty and elegance of her arrangement did not go unnoticed.

10. Demi Lovato’s White Orchids
Demi Lovato’s bridal bouquet was a true masterpiece of elegance and beauty. It was composed of many different types of lush white flowers, including white orchids and peonies. The delicate, sophisticated bouquet perfectly encapsulated the theme of the wedding, which was a romantic and classic ceremony.

11. Miranda Kerr’s Romantic Blush Bouquet
Miranda Kerr is known for both her fashion-forward style and her romantic and feminine tastes. Her wedding bouquet was a perfect representation of both of these qualities. Her bouquet was made up of soft pink-hued peonies, garden roses, and ranunculus with greenery accents. The look was incredibly dreamy and romantic – a perfect complement to the Australian model’s charming personality.

12. Kim Kardashian’s Sculpted Bouquet
Kim Kardashian’s wedding was one of the most talked-about events in celebrity history, and her iconic bouquet was just as stunning as everything else. The lush arrangement featured garden roses and peonies, white hydrangeas, and delicate tuberose. The bouquet was designed to look like it was sculpted instead of being simply arranged, proving that sometimes, simplicity in design is the way to go.

13. Sofia Vergara’s Extravagant Bouquet
Sofia Vergara’s wedding bouquet was truly impressive as it was packed with vibrant blooms. The bouquet included pink and ivory roses, lilies, ranunculus, hydrangeas, orchids, and eucalyptus, making it one of the most unique and outstanding arrangements on this list. It was big, eye-catching, and gorgeous – just like the bride herself.

14. Paloma Faith’s Vintage-Inspired Bouquet
Paloma Faith, who has always been one to stand out from the crowd, created the bridal bouquet that spoke to her personality. The bouquet was a stunning combination of white blooms detailed with passion flowers and charming little buds. The small flowers added a very vintage look and feel to the bouquet arrangement, perfectly matching the vintage theme of the day.

15. Ivanka Trump’s Fresh-Picked Bouquet
Original and memorable in design, Ivanka Trump’s bridal bouquet was a classy, elegant, and timeless masterpiece. Her bouquet was made up of blush roses and peonies that gave it a fresh-picked feel against the backdrop of her elegant, off-the-shoulder Vera Wang dress.

16. Priyanka Chopra’s Unique Bouquet
Priyanka Chopra’s wedding bouquet was one of the most unique and memorable arrangements on this list. The bouquet was designed with a distinctive and messy style filled with many kinds of lush textures, shapes, and colors. The bouquet featured flowers like scabiosa, jasmine vine, french hydrangea, and astilbe, making it gorgeous, colorful, and stylish all at once.

17. Katy Perry’s Colorful Bouquet
Katy Perry’s wedding day was an explosion of color and fun, and her vibrant bouquet was no exception. The bouquet was composed of many different types of flowers in shades of lavender, pink, and peach hues. It was mesmerizing to see every bloom pop, making it a perfect match for Perry’s bohemian-style reclaimed vintage dress.

The wedding bouquet is the centerpiece of the bride’s outfit, and it can truly capture her personality, creativity, and style. In this article, we’ve shared some of the most stunning celebrity wedding bouquets of all time, and we hope that they inspire awe and creativity in you as well. In the end, it’s up to you to create the perfect wedding bouquet that’s unique and gorgeous, just like your love story.

Frequently Asked Questions about 17 Gorgeous Celebrity Wedding Bouquets

1. Who wore a stunning blush-toned bouquet featuring exquisite peonies and roses on their wedding day?
Answer: Actress Jennifer Lawrence carried this beautiful bouquet during her wedding ceremony.

2. Which celebrity bride opted for a unique and unconventional bouquet made entirely of wildflowers and greenery?
Answer: Singer-songwriter Mandy Moore carried this natural-inspired bouquet during her rustic wedding ceremony.

3. Which celebrity bride opted for a classic white bouquet featuring fragrant white freesia and roses?
Answer: Royal bride Meghan Markle carried this elegant bouquet during her fairytale wedding to Prince Harry.

4. Who carried a vibrant bouquet of sunflowers, roses, and other colorful blooms during their bohemian-themed wedding?
Answer: Model and actress Emily Ratajkowski carried this stunning bouquet during her intimate courthouse wedding.

5. Which celebrity bride opted for a romantic and sophisticated bouquet of pastel-colored flowers, including garden roses and peonies?
Answer: Actress and singer Lea Michele carried this dreamy bouquet during her romantic vineyard wedding.

Common Misconceptions about 17 Gorgeous Celebrity Wedding Bouquets

1. All celebrity wedding bouquets are expensive and out of reach for the average person.
2. Celebrities always go for the most extravagant and over-the-top wedding bouquets.
3. Celebrity wedding bouquets always involve exotic and rare flowers.
4. The size of the celebrity wedding bouquet always correlates with the importance of the wedding.

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