18 Ways to Style Wavy Hair for Your Wedding

Wavy hair is the perfect in-between hair type. It isn’t so straight that it lacks texture and volume, and it isn’t so curly that it’s difficult to style and tame. Who wouldn’t want bouncy, effortless waves?

Whether your hair is short, medium, or long, a head full of wavy tresses complements so many different hairstyles. From low buns to high ponytails, there’s so much versatility in styling a wavy hair texture.

To select the right hairdo for your nuptials, Brittany Lo of Beautini and Beia suggests considering your everyday style and then elevating it for the wedding. “Think about how you normally feel comfortable wearing your hair, and focus on a hairstyle that complements that versus picking a hairstyle solely based on your wedding dress or the time of year,” she recommends. “Many brides come in determined to create a look that they think is best for the dress but then ultimately don’t feel like themselves and change it to be more comfortable.”

Once you’ve chosen your ‘do, prepping your locks before the wedding to maintain their health and radiance is essential. “Taking care of wavy hair is so important, and establishing a good hair care routine is vital to having the best hair for a wedding day,” notes Laura Luna of Luna Beauty and Bridal. “I recommend using a nice hydrating hair mask at least once a week and getting your haircut every six to eight weeks.”

However, Lo warns against making any major changes to your everyday hair routine before the big day. “I don’t suggest switching shampoos or conditioners less than a month before the wedding in case it makes the hair heavy and greasy, which could affect the final hair look,” she explains. 

On the morning of your wedding day, there are steps your hairstylist can take to ensure your waves maintain their textured appearance. Using a curling iron is a great way to create shape and enhance the look of your waves. “Allowing your hairstylist to go in with a hot tool to mimic the natural pattern will allow you to have more volume and fullness to some not-so-cooperative texture,” Luna remarks.

Then, you can have your hairstylist use products to make sure your style stays intact. When Luna styles brides’ wavy hair, she always uses Kevin Murphy Killer Curls, a leave-in conditioner that hydrates and strengthens the hair. Lo’s go-to product is Shu Uemura Texture Spray, to add fullness and volume.

If you aren’t set on a style yet, here are 18 wedding hairstyle ideas that look best with wavy hair.

Meet the Expert

  • Brittany Lo is the founder and CEO of Beautini, a wedding hair and makeup business, and Beia, a beauty wellness brand. She’s based in New York City and has been styling hair and doing makeup for eight years.
  • Laura Luna is a professional hair and makeup artist and the founder of Luna Beauty and Bridal, which is based in Austin, Texas. She’s been working in the beauty industry for over nine years.