20 Enchanting Wedding Decor Ideas

As anyone who’s ever been engaged knows, after the fizz of Champagne-induced bliss wears off, the stress begins. Amid the chorus of felicitations. you’ll be faced with the barrage of inevitable questions from prying friends and family members: Where and when are you getting hitched? And even once those questions are settled, you’ll be tasked with myriad decisions on how the hell to decorate the joint, from big-picture details like color schemes and table configurations to stuff as minute as hem-stitched napkins and the font size of those place cards. At this point, the only thing you’re wanting to have and to hold is your sanity and an intact credit score.

The trick, according to top New York wedding planner Fallon Carter, is to start early in your planning process. “I always tell our clients to find a venue that has enough ambience so you have to bring in very minimal decor,” she tells ELLE DECOR, “and all you are bringing in is helping to elevate the space.” Carter, who once hiked up a mountain in Peru in pursuit of the perfect local flora, also recommends leveraging what’s already there for an effortless wedding look. “I am trying to be authentic to the space we are in. I also have a sustainability focus so don’t want to bring in too many things.”

We could turn you loose to the wilds of Pinterest for additional inspiration. Instead, we’ve tapped Fallon and three more of the most coveted names in wedding planning to provide some unique and utterly gorgeous wedding decor ideas to enjoy your big day in style.