20 Questions of Wedding Planning: Free Printables!

By: The Budget Savvy Bride
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January 4, 2023

Whether you’re just engaged or have been rocking your bling for a bit, it can feel overwhelming to get started making plans. So we decided to create a helpful and fun way to sit down with your spouse-to-be to discuss and define what you want your wedding day to be. We call it The 20 Questions of Wedding Planning!

This simple question game can help you when it comes to planning the various aspects of your wedding day. Planning a wedding can definitely feel like a big undertaking because there are so many decisions to be made.

Introducing The 20 Questions of Wedding Planning

There are so many wedding questions to answer during the planning process, so getting clear on the vision you want before you begin planning is key. That involves asking the right questions to get started!

This simple wedding planning questionnaire for couples will guide you and your partner through the most important wedding planning questions. This will help inform the vision for your wedding!

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20 Questions to Plan Your Big Day!

This fun, interactive question game will spark conversations about all the different aspects of a wedding day to help couples hone in on their tastes, vision, and style.

About The 20 Questions of Wedding Planning:

If you’re looking for wedding planning tools, this one couldn’t be simpler, and it’s completely free! We created the 20 Questions of Wedding Planning to help couples with those pesky questions related to planning the details of their big day.

The 20 Questions of Wedding Planning is a series of question cards and worksheets for you and your fiancé to fill out. Once you’ve answered all the questions and filled out your worksheets, you can compare and contrast your responses to help reach the perfect compromise for your wedding plans!

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Wedding Planning Questions: Four Topics

There are four different categories of questions that cover every aspect of your big day. Answering these questions together will help create a framework to make decisions along your journey to the altar so you can create an aligned and authentic celebration of your love!

The Budget

The Budget questions will help you understand where you stand with your wedding budget. This includes how much you’re willing to spend and how much you’re able to spend. It will also assess how much your families will be contributing or if you have other monetary priorities. Additionally, you’ll see questions related to the number of guests you plan to invite, what type of wedding venue you envision, and the overall vibe of your day.

The Details

The Details questions will help you get an idea of things you may want to include in your big day. These questions cover the logistics, details, and more to help you plan the nitty-gritty of the wedding. What sort of things you and your partner enjoy doing together. Are there any places of special significance to your relationship? You’ll also consider special songs, music, or bands that could inspire your reception playlist for your wedding dj, your first dance song, or even your wedding vows or wedding ceremony readings.

Personal Taste

The Personal Taste questions will help you identify some of the personal choices involved in the big day. Everything from the type of foods you love to eat, your hobbies, and more – so you can incorporate your interests into your wedding details. These questions will help you plan a wedding day that uniquely reflects you as a couple. What are your favorite cocktails or alcoholic beverages? Maybe you’ll consider including them as a signature cocktail instead of hosting an open bar.

Personal Style

These questions will help you identify some of the personal style and aesthetic choices for your big day. This category is definitely about the look and feel of your wedding day – from the fashion to the flowers! The questions will help you consider your wedding color scheme, floral choices, and styling choices that can help inform your decisions for centerpieces to the attire for your bridesmaids and groomsmen!

How to Use the Wedding Planning Questions Game

Print the files using your home printer and cut out the cards to play the game. Make sure to print two copies of the worksheets– one for you and one for your soon-to-be spouse!

Complete the 20 questions and fill out your respective worksheets. Once you’re done, compare and contrast your responses with those of your fiancé. See where your ideas align or where they differ.

Planning a wedding can be a great test of compromise– something you’ll have to do plenty of in your marriage. See where your wedding day priorities match up or where they are different.

This exercise will steer your decisions on where to place the focus of your budget or efforts. Perhaps you’ll decide to host your wedding at a place that holds significance in your relationship. Maybe you’ll opt for a destination wedding because you love to travel.

Or maybe you’ll serve donuts for dessert because that’s what you ate the first time you exchanged “I love you’s.”

The best weddings are the ones that truly reflect the love story and the personal tastes of the two people getting married. This set of 20 questions will help identify how to make your wedding uniquely you!

20 Wedding Planning Questions for Couples

(conversation cards & worksheets)

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We hope you enjoy this fun and clever wedding planning exercise!

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