22 Most Comfortable Wedding Shoes for Brides of 2023

The ideal pair of wedding shoes comes down to a few key things: arch support, height and heel shape. You know your feet best, so if you know you can’t withstand pointed, close-toed heels, opt for a pair of heeled sandals instead. Have a high instep? Extra arch support will be your best friend. If you have bunions, you’ll probably want to avoid a pointed toe. And according to Dr. Hamad Jafary, no heels are ideal because “a big contributor to women seeking pain relief from bunions is from wearing high heels.” So if your bunions are especially painful, you may want to chat with your podiatrist about cushioned inserts or a sensible shoe option that will help you make it through your wedding day. Pro tip: Break in your shoes before you walk down the aisle by wearing them around the house a few times.

If you’ve looked everywhere and can’t find shoes you love, keep scrolling because we’ve found 22 stunning pairs that may just catch your eye.