22 Worst Wedding Guests Stories, From Real-Life Brides To Wedding Officiants


“My husband and I own a wedding venue. A few years back, we hosted a wedding for a bride with a very jealous stepmother (SM). She and the father of the bride (FOB) eloped a few months prior but never celebrated their nuptials properly. The SM was extremely jealous that her stepdaughter (bride) was having a reception. So, she decided to make it a double reception in secrecy. She didn’t even tell her own husband. The day of the wedding, SM comes waltzing into the ceremony wearing the same *white* dress she wore to her courthouse wedding. She also had her own small wedding cake. At the reception, she practically dragged FOB onto the dance floor as soon as the music started for the stepdaughter’s first dance and then dragged her own father onto the floor for the father/daughter dance. The bride was PISSED but kept her cool and let her SM’s behavior slide because she didn’t want to cause a scene at her own wedding. Until it was time to cut the cake.”

“As everyone was gathering for the cutting, the SM demands the catering staff bring her cake out, too. The bride decided she wasn’t gonna let the step-momster share her spotlight anymore. The second the SM’s cake appears, the bride picks it up and SLAMS IT TO THE GROUND! The SM lets out a banshee scream and started yelling at the bride for ruining *her* day. The bride told her to f-off and GTFO. 

SM lunged at her stepdaughter but slipped and fell on the cake now decorating the floor. She’s wearing three-inch heels so her ankle rolled and snapped as she slipped. So now she’s on the ground, screaming in pain, and demanding the FOB help her up and then discipline his 30-year-old daughter for being disrespectful.

But, the FOB is done with her shit. He lets out a sharp ‘no’ and walks away. The SM spent the next five minutes trying to get up off the ground with a broken ankle and fighting the slippery cake beneath her feet. Once she was steady on her feet, she limped out without a fight. 

The FOB filed for divorce the next day.”