3 Inspired décor styles to plan an elegant beach wedding

When planning an offbeat wedding ceremony, many choose to explore the option of having a destination wedding at the beach. After all, the dreamy scene of taking your pheres at the beach with sand in your toes and the glorious melody of waves nearby can feel surreal. If such nuptials are what you seek, then read on for some surf and turf-inspired décor ideas that can help you plan a classy beach wedding.

  1. Opt for nautical-themed centerpieces 

There are scores of alternatives for you to choose from when it comes to a nautical theme. Right from starfish and seashell motifs to blooms with coral tones in the centerpieces; the sky is the limit to the coastal elements you can use at the venue. 

coral bloom wedding decor

  1. Use driftwood signs with catchy phrases

Whether you wish to guide the guests toward the mandap, the dinner tables, or the dance floor, using driftwood for signage is a wonderful idea. You can coin cute phrases and paint them on the driftwood to point people in the right direction. 

elegant beach wedding decor

  1. Use boats onshore as fun photo booth props

While a lot of conventional weddings use bicycles entwined with flowers as a photo booth prop, you can opt for small boats on the shore. These boats can be festooned with white lace, seashells, and even fake pearls making them photo-worthy. These can be the perfect backdrop against which guests can take great pictures. 


It would be a good idea to consider the weather when planning your nuptials on the beach. Because a balmy summer ceremony may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Rainy weather also spells out disaster for a beach soirée, so you can use this guide to plan a winter wedding on the beach.


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