3 Things to Do If You Have a Hunch You’ll Be Getting Engaged Soon

We all LOL when we see ironic memes like “Just adding to my wedding Pinterest board while I wait for a wedding to plan,” but in actuality, when a proposal does come along, those dream wedding plans you’ve had in the back of your mind (possibly ever since childhood) evolve into more fitting realities for you and your partner. It’s kind of like while you’re dating, any thoughts you have of your future wedding still resemble those you had growing up — but then once you’re engaged and things are “on, for real,” you make room in those plans for both your whims. It’s a pretty big deal, too, because it’s one of the first steps you’ll take in becoming a married, united pair. Both of your opinions matter, both of your styles deserve representation, and both of you need to inspire your eventual wedding day.

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