30 Head-Turning Second Wedding Dresses Worth Considering

Weddings are back and bigger than ever post-pandemic, and the demand for bridal gowns has never been greater. But these days, it’s not just a case of finding “the one.” In fact, with many couples opting for weekend celebrations and multi-event weddings, brides are increasingly searching for dress number two and even three. (Chloë Sevigny, we’re looking at you.) They’re after something Insta-worthy they can wear for a dramatic mid-party reentrance at the reception and, of course, to let loose on the dance floor. Most options tend to lean toward sparklier, shorter, or sexier—just take a look at the sheer, lacy number influencer Camille Charriere chose for her evening party look.

If you’re a bride-to-be and looking for a second dress to truly wow, take a look at some of our favorite frocks below that are nothing short of spectacular and guaranteed to make a social media splash.