5 Of Erza Scarlet’s Strongest Requips (& 5 Of Her Silliest)

Erza Scarlet, one of the fiercest female wizards in Fairy Tail, is a terrifying foe. With her multitude of armors that can even the odds against any sort of enemy, it isn’t hard to see how she earned the moniker “Titania: Queen Of The Fairies.”

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However, despite Erza’s intense warrior spirit, just like the rest of the members of her guild, she too has a silly side. Erza’s own brand of Fairy Tail goofiness can even be seen in some of the armors in her arsenal.

10 Strongest: The Armor That Can Negate All Magic, Nakagami Armor

Erza first dons this extraordinary armor during her battle against the Sabertooth wizard, Minerva, in the Grand Magic Games. The Nakagami Armor is known to rapidly consume magic energy from the wizard that wears it, however, in exchange, the armor negates any outside magic.

The Nakagami Armor also includes a sword, a halberd that is powerful enough to cut through spells and space. The Nakagami Armor is one of the strongest Erza has in her arsenal, however, due to its drawbacks, it is also one she rarely uses in battle.

9 Silliest: The Heart-Stopping Seduction Armor

Erza Scarlet Fairy Tail seduction armor

An armor that Erza bought but has yet to use, the Seduction Armor is amongst some of her silliest requips. Comprised of a sexy apron, maid hat, and knit knee socks, the armor is just as it sounds, complete fanservice.

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The Seduction Armor also includes a sword with the phrase “come on boy” written on the blade. When the armor is introduced, Erza mentions that she bought it for personal use instead of battle, leading fans to wonder what exactly Titania had planned for this armor set.

8 Strongest: The Powerful & Etherial Armadura Fairy Armor

Fairy Tail's Erza Scarlet wearing her Armadura Armor.

Named after her guild, the Armadura Fairy Armor is one of Erza’s most notable armors. This elegant pink armor has granted Erza increased offensive abilities, and the ability to utilize wild torrents of energy. As can be seen when she destroys the magical spear Ravalt, in her battle against Erza Knightwalker in Edolas and Stella Soldiers in the film Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry. 

The Armadura Fairy armor is a prime example of Erza’s immense strength and the reason why she is referred to as the Queen of the Fairys.

7 Silliest: The Power of A Bride, Wedding Dress Armor

Erza Scarlet Fairy Tail Wedding Dress

As Erza window-shops down the streets of the city of Rose Garden, she comes across a beautiful wedding dress. The wizard purchases with girlish pleasure and secretly places it in her arsenal with the rest of her armors. However, when Erza comes face to face with Coordinator, she finds that the wedding dress is her strongest weapon.

Coordinator has the ability to dispel Erza’s armors, leaving the red-headed wizard at a disadvantage. Until she requips the wedding dress she had purchased earlier. Coordinator was unable to dispel the wedding dress and was defeated by Erza’s “bride mode.” A little silly, but one should never underestimate brides, even prospective ones.

6 Strongest: The Armor of Powerful Blades, Atraxia Armor

First seen after the one-year time-skip, the Ataraxia Armor is a beautiful and dangerous armor. Comprised of a white gown with a red and gold collar, belt, and tall boots of the same colors, the Ataraxia Armor looks completely gorgeous on Erza. However, the armor is more than just beautiful, it also has multiple swords.

The swords typically appear on the armor like a set of wings. The swords are able to be manipulated by Erza, without being wielded in the traditional sense, making them a powerful weapon to bypass an enemy’s defenses.

5 Silliest: The Requip For Scoundrels, Butt Jiggle Gang Unitard

Erza Scarlet Fairy Tail Butt Jiggle Gang

In an encounter with the Butt Jiggle Gang, Erza finds herself wearing one of their notorious unitards. The outfit offers no magical enhancements, but simply functions as a means for comedy. Allowing Erza to understand the Butt Jiggle Gang thieves and their love for this strange uniform.

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However, in pure Fairy Tail fashion, the fun comes to an end when the Butt Jiggle Gang angers Erza Scarlet. The wizard unleashed her divine punishment on the group. Thankfully for Carla, Erza is never seen wearing the Butt Jiggle Gang suit again.

4 Strongest: The Armor That Can Slice Through Anything, Wind God Armor

This armor’s strength can be seen in her battle against Ajeel Raml during Alvarez Empire’s assault on Ishgar. The Wind God Armor takes the form of a pink tribal-looking robe and includes an ornate broad sword titled “Wind God Sword.”

The blade’s attacks are focused on wind manipulation, with just a single swing, Erza can create turbulent winds or disperse an oncoming attack. The armor’s strong wind magic is even formidable enough to blow away the sands of Ajeel Raml, one of the Spriggan 12.

3 Silliest: The Adorable Armor with Ears & A Tail, Bunny Girl Armor

Erza Scarlet Fairy Tail Bunny Girl

Erza dons this armor when she mixes up a pool hall for a bakery famous for its strawberry cake. The bunny girl outfit does not appear to have any special abilities. However, she does allude that her outfit’s tail has more strength than the pool balls. Erza makes the conscious choice to requip into her “Bunny Mode” when challenged at a game of pool.

The bunny girl outfit paired with Erza mistaking a pool hall for a bakery showcases her ditziness. A characteristic that tends to be forgotten due to Erza’s strength and leadership skills in battle.

2 Strongest: The Armor That Can Call On The Stars, Celestial Armor

Erza Scarlet Fairy Tail Celestial Armor

First seen in the Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry film, the Celestial Armor is used against Swan, a member of the Three Stars. This requip is comprised of a pretty blue garb with gold detailing. The armor also notably lacks any footwear.

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In regard to abilities, the armor allows Erza to use Heavenly Body magic, a powerful magic that uses various astronomical objects in battle. The armor grants Erza the ability to use the spell Grand Chariot, a favorite of Jellal Fernandes. It is this powerful spell that allowed Erza to defeat Swan and claim victory.

1 Silliest: The Armor With A Sweet Aroma, Strawberry Armo

Erza Scarlet Fairy Tail Strawberry

Fans of Fairy Tail know that Titania: Queen Of The Faries has a particular soft spot for strawberry cake. The wizard even goes as far as to start brawls if a fellow guildmate is responsible for damaging or eating a slice. So it may not be a complete surprise that she has a strawberry cake-related armor, appropriately named the Strawberry Armor. However, unlike the rest of her elegant or fear-inspiring armors, the strawberry armor lacks that certain finesse.

The Strawberry Armor is just as it sounds, a strawberry. The armor looks like a mascot with a cut out in the center for Erza’s face, and arm and leg holes. Granted, the Strawberry Armor does have a magical ability. It emits the sweet scent of strawberries. It does a good job of enticing Forest Vulcans but doesn’t really have a function. Except for making Erza look like a cute strawberry.

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