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A wedding is the most awaited event in a woman’s life. She has dreamt about the day where she’ll be walking down the aisle, all dressed in white. And who’s the star in these dreams you may ask? The wedding dress, of course! That’s exactly why most women put a large sum of their savings towards funding their dream look!

For a bride-to-be, this is a once in a lifetime event during which she’ll be wearing a white gown. She may scrimp on anything, but definitely not on the dress. Some ladies even go as far as booking bridal appointments without fixing a budget. Though this is not recommended, but it’s a recurring phenomenon that we encounter at our Esposa Group bridal boutiques.

Now, a high-end wedding dress may be an expensive splurge, but one that’s worth it for sure:

  • A guaranteed unique look
  • A dress that matches the grandeur of the occasion
  • An heirloom opportunity
  • A dress to impress moment
  • A flawless look for the books!

1. You get a guaranteed unique look!

What are the odds that you’ll accidentally match with some other bride you know if you’re choosing a unique piece by a known designer? Close to none! One of the best things about luxury bridal gowns is that they are designed in an exceptional and impressive way. So you’re guaranteed a one-of-a-kind look for sure!

Because we know that every brides dreams of wearing a never seen before wedding dress, the following gown by Esposacouture by Kristie Romanos is a pure representation of uniqueness and class.

Thiniya by Esposacouture by Kristie Romanos

2. A dress that matches the grandeur of the occasion

If you’re looking into buying a high-end wedding dress, chances are you’re planning an elegant, royal wedding. What better than a glamorous royal gown to complete the visual beauty of your wedding? When we say luxurious dresses, one of the top names that comes to mind is none other than the Lebanese designer, Zuhair Murad. A top-notch designer with a remarkable collection that flatters your most romantic looks.

Kiara by Zuhair Murad

Kiara by Zuhair Murad

A stunning gold gown with an illusion bodice bedazzled in shinning crystals all over for a glamorous royal look.

3. An heirloom opportunity

Since passing down a wedding dress has become a common practice, a well-constructed and craftily designed gown will definitely be a romantic family tradition. If in the future you’ll have a daughter, she can wear your precious gown to say ‘I Do’, and pass it down to her daughter to do the same! However, should you have only boys, a future daughter-in-law might be keen on the idea, especially if it’s a masterpiece by a renowned designer.

Becca by Marchesa Notte

Becca by Marchesa Notte

This romantic gown is a timeless piece that will preserve its presence in the bridal realm for years to come as it’s a simple yet very elegant floral lace that falls gently to the floor. One of the most important parts about getting a luxury dress is the fact that you don’t have to worry about its quality diminishing over the years.

4. A show-stopping dress to impress moment!

More often than not, the designer’s name alone is enough to give you that “wow factor”! Saying that your dress is an exclusive “Monique Lhuillier” for example, has a certain glamorous ring to it! Everyone will express their admiration and shower you with compliments immediately!

Aside from the brand, all designer wedding gowns are incrusted with only the finest materials and delicate details which will give you a boost of confidence in your gown.

Mae by Monique Lhuillier

Mae by Monique Lhuillier

5. A flawless look for the books!

One of the most distinguished features of an expensive high-end designer gown is the flawless and sturdy construction. In addition, the gown can be tailored to perfection to fit you the way you want to look your best!  More importantly, you don’t have to worry about the dress coming apart throughout the day’s festivities as it’s well-made and perfect!

Lucienne by Vera Wang

Lucienne by Vera Wang

The most important thing to take into consideration is your comfort. You want to look great and feel great as well, as a wedding celebration usually takes several hours. Therefore, you want to make sure that your dress is comfortable enough to be able to dance the night away! This is a luxury wedding dress guarantee, which is not the case in budget wedding dresses, that’s for sure.

While shopping for a dress to wear on one of the most important days of your life, be sure to focus on all the possibilities instead of the limitations. Pick a dress that can genuinely make you happy, makes you feel your best and gives you the boost of confidence you need.

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