5 Tips to Help You Take Better Wedding Photos

Wedding photography is one of the most challenging genres out there, requiring you to be at the top of your game technically and ready to tackle any challenges that come efficiently and smoothly. If you would like to improve the quality of your shots, check out this fantastic video tutorial from an experienced wedding photographer that will give you five tips sure to improve your wedding photos. 

Coming to you from John Branch IV Photography, this excellent video tutorial will show you five helpful tips sure to improve your wedding photos. I think perhaps the most important point is to stop relying on your camera. Modern cameras are incredibly capable and powerful, and no doubt, they can help us increase our keeper rates and capture photos that might not have been possible before. But on the other hand, if you rely on them too much, your image-making will be shaped by what you know the camera does well instead of by creativity driven by intentionality. 

Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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