5 wedding menu ideas your guests will love

5 wedding menu ideas your guests will love

Dec 29, 2022, 04:18 pm
3 min read

Food is the most important thing to consider at a wedding

What is the most important thing that attracts guests to a wedding apart from the luxurious and eye-catching decoration and ambiance? Yes, it’s the delicious food that is a feast for your guests’ appetites.

Therefore, your wedding menu should have beverages, starters, main course dishes, and desserts that stand out.

Here are five wedding menu ideas that your guests will surely love.

If you are getting married during summer, include refreshing beverages in your menu like gola, iced tea, aam panna, cold coffee, lassi, thandai, different fruit juices, and sharbat.

You can also set up a classy mocktail or cocktail counter.

For a winter wedding, include hot chocolate, hot coffee, herbal tea, spiced hot fruit punches, masala chai, mulled wine, and badam milk on the menu.

Set up an Indian ‘chaat’ center for starters

An Indian wedding is incomplete without a chaat center.

Include pani poori, mini samosa, dahi puri, dahi bhalla, radga patties, bhel puri, sev puri, kachori, aloo tikki, aloo chaat, sweet potato chaat, tokri chaat, fruit chaat, and samosa chaat in the menu.

French fries, pakoras, kebabs, cutlets, litti chokha, sprouts chaat, and sandwiches are also great starter options to add to your menu.

Salads help to promote digestion and therefore they are a must on your wedding menu.

Include sprouted moong salad, vegetable salad with lemony apple dressing, beans salad, fruit salad, apple cucumber salad, and beetroot and garlic salad on the menu.

Remember to add different soup items as well, like tomato soup, herbal soup, mixed vegetable soup, chicken clear soup, and pepper mushroom soup.

For the main course, biryani, pulao, and noodles are a must-include along with different flatbreads like naan, puri, tawa roti, paratha, kulcha, and phulka.

For the side accompaniments, include dishes like chicken curry, honey potato, dal tadka, etc.

Organize a vegetarian section also with veg fried rice, paneer, potato, and vegetable curry dishes.

Also include different chutneys, papad, and achar on the menu.

There is always room for some yummy desserts

Some popular desserts to include on your wedding menu are gulab jamun, pastries, dry fruits kheer, jalebi, rasgulla, halwa, laddoo, ice cream, and rasmalai.

You can also add shrikhand, ghevar, parfait, kulfi, malpua, patishapta, basundi, cassata, and bebinca on the menu if you want to break free from the ordinary.

Also, set up a paan counter to add a refreshing end to the meal.