50 Things To Put in Easter Baskets Instead of Candy

As Easter approaches, many of us scramble to find the perfect treats to fill our loved ones’ Easter baskets. While candy has been the go-to choice for years, it’s time to switch things up and choose healthier, non-candy options instead. Not only will these options be better for our loved ones’ health, but they’ll also provide a fun and unique experience. In this article, we’ll provide you with 50 things to put in Easter baskets instead of candy.

1. Stuffed animals: Get creative with colors and designs to find a perfect, cuddly friend for your loved one to enjoy.

2. Bubbles: Bring the fun outside with bubble wands and liquid for some good old-fashioned bubble blowing.

3. Sidewalk chalk: Create masterpieces on the ground with colorful chalk to keep your loved one entertained.

4. Small puzzles: Test your loved one’s cognitive skills with small puzzles, perfect for travel.

5. Glow sticks: Add a little extra fun to Easter egg hunts with glow sticks.

6. Coloring books: Bring out your loved one’s creative side with coloring books with their favorite cartoon characters or animals.

7. Paint sets: Provide your loved one with everything they need to create their masterpiece, from paints to brushes.

8. Playdough: Get hands-on with creative playdough sets.

9. Silly putty: Press, stretch, and mold a fun and therapeutic sensory experience.

10. Sticker sets and activity books: Help your loved one develop fine motor skills, problem-solving skills, and creativity with sticker sets and activity books.

11. Jump rope: Provide an energizing outdoor activity for your loved one.

12. Hair accessories: Stock up on cute hair ties, headbands, and clips for your fashion-conscious loved one.

13. Temporary tattoos: Bring fun to Easter activities with a wide selection of temporary tattoos to choose from.

14. Water balloons: Help your loved one cool off during spring weather with some fun and water-filled balloons.

15. Finger puppets: Encourage imaginative play with finger puppets of different animals.

16. Card games: Introduce your loved ones to some classic card games.

17. Small action figures: Bring tall tales to life with small action figures of your loved one’s favorite characters.

18. Classic books: Introduce your loved one to timeless books that they’ll want to share and read again and again.

19. Miniature figurines: Create an enchanting world of fairies or woodland creatures with miniature figurines.

20. Jigsaw puzzles: Challenge your loved one’s puzzle-solving skills with jigsaws of different difficulties.

21. Socks: Keep toes warm and sweet with fun socks with patterns and phrases.

22. Board games: Host a family game night with board games that younger family members will enjoy.

23. Pens and pencils: Keep your loved one prepared with writing utensils of every color.

24. Sunglasses: Protect your loved one’s eyes and make them the coolest kid on the block with stylish sunglasses.

25. Matchbox cars: Build a fun and imaginative world with small toy cars.

26. Miniature gardening: Provide everything needed to plant a small garden, including a mini watering can.

27. Collectible toys: Build a collection of unique and interesting toys that will be cherished for years.

28. Whistles: Increase the fun during outdoor play with whistles.

29. Fancy jewelry: Gift your loved one with cute jewelry for a little extra Easter sparkle.

30. Small craft kits: Encourage your loved one to develop their creativity with small craft kits.

31. Finger painting sets: Bring it back to basics with finger painting sets that provide an exciting, messy experience.

32. Keychains: Provide a way for your loved one to keep house keys, bike lock keys or ID on them.

33. Miniature character toys: Build a collection of small and cute miniature toys of famous characters from movies and TV shows.

34. Paddleball: Provide a classic and enjoyable source of outdoor play with paddleball sets.

35. Small stuffed animals: Provide your loved one with a variety of small, cute stuffed animals to cuddle and love.

36. Magnets: Bring magic to the fridge with sets of small magnet figurines.

37. Kites: Bring the sky down to earth with fun and whimsical kites.

38. Nature exploration sets: Build your own explorer kit with binoculars, a bug catcher and more.

39. Small robots: Gift your loved one with a new robotic friend to play with.

40. Musical toys: Provide your loved one with small musical instruments to explore and rock out with.

41. Collectible figurines: Build a collection of cute and nostalgic collectible toys.

42. Piggy banks: Teach the habit of saving money with cute and personalized piggy banks.

43. Yo-yos: Provide a classic toy with endless possibilities with Yo-yos.

44. Watercolor paint sets: Offer your loved one a new and creative outlet with watercolor paint sets.

45. Shaped erasers: Make wearing down pencils more enjoyable with shaped erasers.

46. Kaleidoscopes: Provide some visual entertainment with fun and colorful kaleidoscopes.

47. Frisbees: Provide a fun and active source of outdoor play with Frisbees.

48. Magic tricks: Spice up playtime with exciting and entertaining magic trick sets.

49. Foam ball sets: Bring a new realm of possibilities to outdoor games with foam balls.

50. Stamps: Stamp sets let your loved one add their creative flair to letters, books, and everything in-between.

In conclusion, Easter baskets don’t have to be filled with candy. With these 50 alternative options, you can provide your loved ones with fun and unique experiences that they will cherish beyond the day itself. So, get creative, have fun, and enjoy Easter with your loved ones!

Frequently Asked Questions about 50 Things To Put in Easter Baskets Instead of Candy

1. What are some Easter basket fillers that aren’t candy?
– Some non-candy Easter basket fillers include small toys or games, stickers, temporary tattoos, bubbles, and craft supplies.

2. What are some healthy options to include in an Easter basket?
– Some healthy Easter basket options can include fresh fruit, trail mix, granola bars, and sugar-free gum or mints.

3. Are there any Easter basket fillers that are educational?
– Yes, some educational Easter basket fillers include books, puzzles, educational games, and science kits.

4. What are some options for Easter basket fillers for teenagers?
– For teenagers, some Easter basket fillers could include gift cards, headphones, portable chargers, journals, and makeup or skincare products.

5. How can I make an Easter basket more unique and personal?
– To make an Easter basket more unique and personal, consider including items that reflect the recipient’s interests or hobbies, such as a sports team hat or a new art supply. You could also include a handwritten note or homemade gift.

Common Misconceptions about 50 Things To Put in Easter Baskets Instead of Candy

1. The article is only about children’s Easter baskets: While the article certainly caters to children’s Easter baskets, it provides a variety of suggestions for adults, teens, and even pets.

2. It’s only for Easter: Despite the article’s title, many of the items suggested can be used year-round and in various holiday contexts.

3. The items suggested are expensive: While some of the items suggested may come with a price tag, the majority are affordable and can even be found in dollar stores.

4. The article is anti-candy: The article is not against candy, but rather provides alternative and creative gift ideas for those who may want something different in their Easter basket.

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