6 Best Occasions to Gift a Flower Bouquet

Flowers convey emotions that words can’t; that’s why they’re considered a perfect gift for every occasion. Since different flowers symbolize different emotions, it’s essential to understand the flowers suitable for every occasion. The way a flower bouquet is arranged, its color, and the type of bloom can work together to convey different messages.

Besides communicating one’s deepest emotions, gifting flowers ignites immediate happiness, visually inspires, and encourages intimate connections. They’re used to show sympathy, joy, affection, appreciation, apology, romance, and more. Flowers symbolize love and care. Below are the best occasions to give a flower bouquet.

1. Valentine’s day

On Valentine’s day, people exchange flowers and other gifts to celebrate love. During this season, florists receive many orders, and so do delivery services like LA flower delivery. Valentines isn’t just a day for lovers to appreciate each other; you can also gift flowers to your best friend or anyone you’d like to appreciate. Red roses are the most recommended, but you can also use lilies, tulips, or alstroemeria to express heartfelt emotions.

2. Birthday celebrations

Walking into a birthday party with a bouquet embodies love and good wishes. It communicates how much they mean to you and your wishes for them for years to come. However, your choice of flowers is determined by the kind of relationship you share with the celebrant and the message you want to communicate to them. It could be your lover, parent, friend, or child. You can use a combination of colors in one bouquet to convey multiple messages.

3. Anniversary celebrations

An anniversary commemorates an event that took place a year or years before on that particular day. They remind you of an important event that happened in your life. It could be a wedding, the death of a loved one, and other events you consider worthy commemorating. When celebrating wedding anniversaries, flowers are given to showcase undying love, beauty, and flawless growth. Gifting your lover on your wedding anniversary makes them feel appreciated, loved, and cared for.

4. Funerals

If the family of a deceased person is accepting flowers, consider sending them. Depending on the message you want to convey, pink carnations show remembrance, red ones indicate admiration, and lilies symbolize purity. Red roses are a mark of love and respect for the departed, orchids are an expression of sympathy, and crimson roses signify your grief. Since giving certain flowers may be considered inappropriate during funerals, consult with the deceased’s family before delivering the flowers.

5. A child’s birth

The birth of a baby is a joyous occasion. A newborn’s father can give their wife a bouquet of red roses to show their love for them and the baby. You can also gift the newborn’s parents with flowers to congratulate them. You may also consider giving them carnations as a sign of good luck.

6. Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is an occasion where mothers receive flowers as a symbol of love, respect, gratitude, and appreciation. Depending on the messages you want to pass to your mum or the mother figure in your life, you can have a combination of differently colored flowers in one bouquet arranged to signify your emotions.


Bouquets of flowers are an excellent gift for every occasion. Understanding the meaning behind every bouquet will help you pass the right message, avoiding misunderstandings.

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