6 Different styles of wedding cakes that are ought to be at your wedding

Wedding cakes can be a bit of an extravagant addition to your fairytale wedding. Adding a simple yet stunning wedding to the table can uplift your wedding aesthetics. The bride and groom have to cut the wedding cake at their reception and this is how the couple prefers to embark on their new journey and celebrate this union. 

An elegant and artistic wedding cake can steal the show and we are here to give you just that! From classic designs to chic elegance, get ready to drool on these gorgeous wedding cakes.

Rustic masterpiece

If you want to go for a royal and simple look with a rustic charm, this wedding cake is the best option. You can create different textures and patterns keeping it monochromatic for a royal affair.

Textured buttercream

This soft buttercream cake with a little texture is ideal for a simple and elegant look. You can create different textures and curls to give it a more aesthetic look.


People who want a more dramatic wedding cake can opt for this goth inspo wedding cake. It has darker hues and is a bit unusual than your normal white wedding cake. 

Floral patterns

Floral patterns and textures are a cliche but it looks super chic and pretty. If you want your wedding cake to look floral, you can add real flowers to give it an extra oomph!

Pastel theme

If you’re a pastel lover then this wedding cake is perfect for you. Choose pastel shades and hues and create the perfect unicorn wedding cake for your special day.

Vibrant hues

Add a bit of colour to your white wedding cake and you have the perfect combination of vibrant and chic. You can choose to opt for orange, pink and red shades or add some flowers to give a lift.

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