$6 DIY Wedding Centerpieces Stun Internet

A DIY hack about how to make sophisticated floral centerpieces to top tables at weddings for just $6 has gone viral, leaving the internet stunned.

In a video shared on TikTok earlier in May, Kaiandnika shows how to build up tall centerpieces using just some cheap glass candle holders, a kind of super glue that is specific for gluing glass together, and some plastic bowls to hold the flowers on the top.

The footage shows Kaiandnika gluing all the parts together and once they have dried up, they’re ready to paint. In further comments, she explained that a crafty friend helped her paint her centerpieces with gold spray paint, and once ready she added real flowers and leaves on top for a nice touch.

In the comments, she also explained that while $6 was roughly the price she had paid in 2021 for each finished centerpiece, now with rising costs the price would be slightly higher. She also said she may have actually paid less than $6 each, as she bought five of the six items for $1 each and the bowls were four for $1.

According to a survey by The Knot, released in February 2022, the national average cost of a wedding in 2021 was around $28,000, going up to $34,000 with the engagement ring.

Among the various expenses, about $10,700 covered the cost of the reception venue, $1,700 went towards a wedding/event planner, about $2,300 was to cover the cost of a florist and about $450 was for favors for the guests.

Many users loved the idea and were inspired to do the same, or wished they would have seen this hack sooner, while others questioned whether the price of the centerpiece really amounted to $6 only.

A user known as JhonnyJhonny commented: “You sure it’s $6 Since everything is 1.25 now.” To which the original poster explained: “Lol valid point well back in 2021 it was $6,” but she later mentioned that $6 was a rough figure and she most likely paid less back then. Jay_Hovita commented: “These are great!! Wish I saw this before my wedding!!!”

DSM Skittle said: “Smart the way he sprayed them.” And Kaiandnika answered: “Right?! Our friend was a genius when he whipped out the lazy Susan’s.” 1iz.avila asked: “How secure is the glue with the flowers on top? Love this idea but what if they fall apart.” And Kaiandnika said: “Very secure since we added the bowl to hold the flowers! Everything lasted.”

CreilyT stated: “Let’s normalize not wasting so much money on weddings!!” Haley wrote: “These are amazing!!! I’m going to use this idea!” Ginaingino@hotmail.c added: “Thank you for the idea. I’m sure the red bowl is just one of many items one can add to the candlesticks.”

Even cosmetic bran NYX Cosmetics got involved in the thread, commenting: “SO creative and innovative. We love!”

Another user, Melenaite Vivi, shared her own experience with DIY wedding creations: “I made something similar for my brothers 1 yr in heaven anniversary it’s about to be 3 years in June and it’s still intact.”

Another user asked about the rest of the items not mentioned in the video. Vanessa said: “What about the other items? The flowers and the green leaves? Are those also from dollar tree?” And Kaiandnika answered: “The flowers are leaves are actually real ones but you can definitely use artificial as well!”

“What else could you put at the top besides flowers ?? Any ideas ??” Jackyy asked, and Kaiandnika said: “Hmm, if it can hold the weight of real flowers I’m positive it can hold almost anything else! I’m sure you can use dry flowers/materials as well!”

Yesenia Gomez added: “Even for what would be $7.50 each now. Even at that price they’re stunning.”

Newsweek has reached out to Kaiandnika for comment.

A DIY hack on how to make sophisticated wedding center pieces for under $6 has gone viral after being published on TikTok and people are loving it. A file photo shows a typical wedding center piece
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