6 Wedding Trends Brides Are Avoiding in 2022

After the pandemic upended several wedding seasons in a row, 2022 has undoubtedly marked the return of it. The wedding industry is again in full swing and with the extra time that many brides have had to think about and plan their weddings, there have been some shifts. Many of the pre-pandemic wedding and bridal trends have fallen by the wayside and been replaced by others that are more efficient and personal. 

My wedding was a few years ago and I’m not quite as up on the bridal trends anymore because of it, so I reached out to someone who is, Anny Choi. Choi is the head stylist for the popular wedding site Over The Moon. (Side note: If you ask me, working with a stylist for your wedding looks is perhaps the greatest trend of them all to emerge.)

I picked Choi’s very knowledgeable brain about the wedding trends stylish brides are done with, and those they’re embracing. Some may surprise you—read on for her expert insight.