60 Best Fall Wedding Guest Dresses To Wear In 2021 For Parties

The first reaction to getting a wedding invitation in the mail is usually excitement. Weddings are basically a designated time to party, eat, drink, and celebrate love with friends and/or family. But, once that initial flutter of euphoria and excitement fades, the next thought is likely, “Do I have anything to wear?”

Choosing a dress to wear to a fall wedding can be a bit tricky. If it’s at an outdoor venue, the weather can be totally unpredictable. One weekend, you’re pressing a cool glass of rosé against your cheek because it’s so hot out, and the next you’re grabbing a denim jacket to throw over your sundress.

When it comes to weddings, it could be a nightmare to don a floor-length velvet gown only to start dripping sweat while electric sliding on the dance floor. Regardless, the good news is that there are a ton of options for you to say yes to the (guest) dress—no matter the forecast or venue location. The best part is that the dresses below are versatile enough to be worn at any party in pretty much any season.

The right fall wedding guest dress features a heavier, textured material like lace, velvet, or satin. Autumnal colors like marigold, maroon, or caramels are always a safe bet, as are rich jewel tones like emerald, cobalt, or amethyst. Feel free to play with patterns too, like a romantic floral or bold print. Then, consider what design you’ll feel best in. Are you comfortable in a sleeveless maxi dress or frock, or do you prefer a shorter hemline offset by romantic, billowy sleeves?

Comfort is key (especially when it comes to those all-day celebrations), but so is style. Whether you have your eye on someone from the bridal party or are looking for some cute outfits for your Insta grid, these 60 fall wedding guest dresses work for any wedding vibe, from a black tie affair to a New England backyard, beach, farmhouse, or anything in between.