60s Bridal Hair & Makeup Looks for Brides

The 60s holds the title of one the most iconic decades in terms of hair and beauty, from look-at-me lashes and dramatic cat eyes, to bold beehives and bouffants popularised by fashion icons Brigitte Bardot, Twiggy, and Sophia Loren. Fast forward to today and 60s-inspired beauty looks are back with a bang thanks to celebrities like Zendaya, Lana Del Rey, Anya Taylor Joy, and Lily Collins. So, here we’ve rounded up our very favourite 60s hair and makeup looks as sported by celebrities and real brides alike to inspire your own bridal look! If you’re looking for a retro-inspired style for your wedding day, or a contemporary take on a classic, there’ll be something you’ll love among these modern interpretations of 60s looks.

60s Bridal Hair & Makeup

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Brilliant Bridal Beehives

Ah the beehive! A truly iconic 1960s style. Get your teasing combs ready because the bouffant is back! This vintage hairstyle is best done the day after you wash your hair, and requires quite a bit of teasing, backcombing and a lot of hairspray. For brides, this 60s look is perfect for wearing with a little birdcage or cutesy elbow-length veil.

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The Cat Eye

Ready to go retro? When it comes to 1960s beauty, the cat eye is legendary. Winged liner now comes in all styles, shades, and shapes, but this beauty look will always be a classic for wedding-day makeup that wows.

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Flicked Ends

1960s starlet Sharon Tate was the queen of the curled-ends hairstyle. This retro look with either flipped-out or flipped-under ends gives your bridal hair style a soft, flattering shape when combined with a centre part. Such an easy but impactful blow dry style for your wedding day!

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Half-Up Bouffants

This look is a variation on the traditional beehive but with hair left out. Think a Bridgette Bardot bouffant style, top it off with a bow, hairband or veil, and you have the perfect 60s style bridal look. Chic hair slides would go great with this one, too.

Zendaya | Photo by Getty Images

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Baby-Doll Lashes

There is something ultra feminine and glamorous about a fluttery lash. The key to this particular Twiggy-esque, graphic lash look is to keep your faux lashes (the more spider-like the better!) extra long and separated, with the bottom fringe as heavily mascara-ed as the top.

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Pretty Ponytails

Brigitte Bardot was also the queen of the 60s ponytail. The beloved actress made a case for high, flouncy ponytails that looked effortlessly put-together. This style of ponytail has been booming in popularity in recent years, with Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Ashley Graham and Kim Kardashian all rocking the trend. Top tip: the fuller the hair, the more event-ready it looks. To give the look extra body, create a Bardot-style bouffant and pair with a bouncy, blown-out ponytail or, create a sleeked back pony, adding volume and vintage flair with Hollywood waves.

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Pastel & Pearlescent

Soft and subtle rosy retro hues along with a pearlescent glow washed over the lids and brushed on the cheeks adds a romantic warmth to eyes and complexions. It’s a playful way to incorporate a touch of colour into your wedding makeup.

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Vintage bridal hair & makeup ideas 60s

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Hair Bows & Ribbons

What could be a more fitting look for tying the knot than a ribbon? This trend lends itself well to 60s-inspired hairstyles tied back with bows in silk or velvet ribbons.

60s Bridal Hair & Makeup

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60s Bridal Hair & Makeup

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Au Naturel Brows

Thick, lush brows that perfectly framed the face were treasured rather than tweezed in the 60s, letting those natural bushy brows shine!

60s Bridal Hair & Makeup

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60s Bridal Hair & Makeup

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60s Bridal Hair & Makeup

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Fabulous Fringe

Eye-grazing bangs were all the rage with vintage vixens like Jean Shrimpton and Jane Birkin in the 60s. We’re not surprised, as a polished fringe frames a vintage ‘do beautifully.

60s Bridal Hair & Makeup

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60s Bridal Hair & Makeup

Elle Fanning | Photo by Alexander McQueen

Pinched Pink Cheeks

Quite literally the blushing bride! Pretty rosy cheeks paired with a tonal lip feels equal parts statement and soft.

60s Bridal Hair & Makeup

Florence Pugh | Photo by Getty Images

60s Bridal Hair & Makeup

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Pale Pouts

When Tippi Hedren stepped onscreen with glossy baby pink lips in 1963’s The Birds, she inspired a whole wave of women to rock a nude tone on their lips. Such a pretty look for a wedding day pout!

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