8 Best Fashion Moments from Season 2

It has already been some time since season two of Bridgerton released on Netflix, and fans have been busy binge-watching it. The second season has shifted its focus from Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor) to Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) and his struggle to find a suitable wife. It offers an unconventional love triangle, the enemies-to lovers trope, and an overall intriguing plot. Kate (Simone Ashley) and Edwina Sharma (Charithra Chandran) are the two new additional main characters who instantly capture your hearts, bringing much-needed South Asian representation to the hit series.

In addition to the charismatic characters and the intriguing plot, we cannot overlook the period costume pieces the characters wear throughout the season. Season 1 delivered memorable fashion moments, which only meant that season 2 had to do the same. Indeed, here are the eight best fashion moments from season two of Bridgerton.

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8 Queen Charlotte’s Blue Dress



Golda Rosheuval is the epitome of the perfect majestic monarchal figure, and every time she appears on the screen as Queen Charlotte, we can feel her charismatic presence. In comparison with the other characters, Queen Charlotte always stands out with her over-the-top extravagant gowns and wigs. And season 2 is no different. The stylists focused on dressing her in softer colors of pink, purple, and blue this time. Albeit looking flawless in each one of them, the fashion moment we have chosen is the light blue dress she wears while reading Lady Whistledown’s newest output. Making her sit in front of the enormous painting entirely highlights her royalty. Recently, has been announced that the Queen is getting her own spin-off series, and we can’t wait to see more of her fashion.

7 Lady Danbury’s Red Dress



Lady Danbury (Adjoa Andoh) kindly takes the Sharmas under her wing in season two as they return from India. Her role as match-maker and observer were once again at the front of her character. What we’ve truly enjoyed in the new season was her constant castigation of Anthony whenever he acted up around Kate. We also cannot forget her beautiful friendship with Lady Bridgerton, which has bloomed even further this season. The strong regal burgundy color of her dresses and their robustness perfectly capture her charismatic personality.

6 Anthony Bridgerton’s Morning Ride Outfit



Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) is the one to embark on a dreadful journey of finding the right match for him this season. His determination to marry the diamond of the season, Edwina Sharma (Charithra Chandran), becomes a blind obsession, and he soon realizes that the one he truly wants is her sister and his arch enemy Kate (Simone Ashley). Yes, Anthony has done a lot of unhinged things, from breathing in Kate’s scent so shamelessly and noticeably to judging the young women he considered courting on whether they read, while later admitting that he only reads account ledgers, but we can see big leaps in development in his character this season, which also reflects on his clothing. In an interview with Fashionista, costume designer Sophie Canale said, “Anthony has evolved into darker tones, like plush navy velvet tail coats. He’s a lot more serious and taking his role as the head of the Bridgerton household.”

5 Edwina Sharma’s Wedding Dress



Yes, there could have been more Indian influence in the Sharmas’ dress and jewelry, considering the Sharma family are from India, and the series could have easily incorporated some early 1800s Indian fashion for their gowns. Nonetheless, the diamond of the season Edwina Sharma looked stunning in each and every out that she wore. The stylist for season two Canale explained to The Zoe Report that “Edwina is softer in personality and wants to be accepted into London society rather than stand out, so she dresses in muted pinks, peach, and pale-colored outfits.” Canale has evidently used Indian silks in the cut of the Sharma family’s costumes for pashminas, in their sleeve shapes. Although there were many pieces to choose from, Edwina made what would have been a basic white wedding dress on anyone else look absolutely exquisite.

4 Eloise’s Gown for The First Ball



Season two of Bridgerton started with Eloise’s (Claudia Jessie) biggest nightmare: to find herself a suitable husband in the new social season of debutantes presenting themselves at the court. She has these expectations to live up to and feels overshadowed by her elder sister. She’s always trying to find her place and make her own way in society, but is constantly being made to feel like it will never measure up to Daphne. The plot took a surprising turn when Eloise found her own love interest in the midst of trying to discover Lady Whistledown’s identity. On top of everything else, she looked astonishing. The outfit that caught our eye the most was the light blue gown with white gloves and jewelry that beautifully complimented her skin tone.

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3 Penelope’s Yellow Star Dress



A lot of people aren’t big fans of Penelope after season two right now, which is somewhat understandable and yet somewhat ridiculous. Despite what you may think about her, we definitely need a season focused on Penelope and Colin being confused and jealous and high-strung, but not in a toxic way, so he could finally realize that she is the one for him. With regard to Lady Whistledown’s fashion, the color yellow has become so signature to her character. But even Penelope herself acknowledged the need for change when she took Edwina’s compliments of her gown as sarcasm. We can see Penelope wearing more pink this season, which represents a shift happening for Penelope since she is getting older and surely more mature. How ironic of us that we’ve still chosen the yellow star dress as her best fashion moment.

2 Benedict Bridgerton’s University Outfit



Luke Thompson has once again completely understood the assignment on how to play Benedict Bridgerton. He is honestly the depiction of a man written by a woman. From his university endeavors to getting high with his younger brother Colin, Benedict plays a huge part in bringing the humor into the show. Benedict already felt so insecure about his art, and now he’s found out that Anthony put in a large donation to the academy to get him a spot. But, all in all, the stylist did not disappoint with Benedict’s fashion choices. It appears that, out of all the older Bridgerton brothers, Benedict dresses more freely and is not afraid to wear lively colors. Our personal favorite is the golden-brownish garment he wore at the art university.

1 Kate Sharma’s Costume for Hunting



Kate Sharma has easily become our all-time favorite Bridgerton character. Kate and Anthony had an impeccable chemistry, which only highlighted the tension and stubbornness that become so signature of their relationship. Something that we have noticed about Kate’s clothing is that most of her dresses feature a signature tulip sleeve. Similarly to Daphne’s costume journey in season one, Kate goes through it as well. Out of the darker, heavier fabrics, we definitely prefer her dark turquoise outfit that she wore for hunting.

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