88 people RSVP’d for my wedding, less than half showed — it made me bawl

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A newlywed couple were brought to tears on their big day — but not for the reasons you may expect.

Gray Narvaez-Dragion, who is transgender and uses they/them pronouns, and their husband, Nyx Narvaez, are going viral on TikTok for claiming fewer than half the guests who RSVP’d attended their lavish wedding celebration.

Narvaez-Dragion even accused their mom of deadnaming them on their special day. The Post has reached out to Narvaez-Dragion for comment.

One of their videos — which has gathered over 4 million views — pans around a nearly empty ballroom, as almost no one occupies the reception’s round tables or dance floor.

“88 people said yes… not even 40 showed up,” Narvaez-Dragion wrote on top of the clip posted this week.

Gray Narvaez-Dragion, who uses they/them pronouns, said the couple ended their reception early because of the low turnout. TikTok@grayanxiety

They further claimed in the comments section that they decided to cut the reception short, missing out on their sparkler sendoff, private dance and dinner.

Narvaez-Dragion added that “most of their money” was spent on making soaps, magnets, and “spell jars” for their guests to take home. The couple will keep almost all of them, they revealed.

“Looking at our magnets makes me bawl… I can’t even use my custom-made soap samples because that makes me cry too,” they wrote in the comments. “Why didn’t they show up? I spent so much f–king time trying to make everyone feel included.”

Fewer than half of the couple’s RSVP’d guests reportedly attended the reception. TikTok@grayanxiety

However, Narvaez-Dragion was grateful for the few people who did come to the gathering, assuring sympathetic viewers that they were either close friends or members of the bridal party.

“I cried and laughed with them 🤍 don’t worry,” they wrote.

People who did attend the wedding included the bridal party and “very good friends,” Narvaez-Dragion revealed.TikTok@grayanxiety

TikTokers advised Narvaez-Dragion to throw a smaller-budget reception for their new “TikTok family” to celebrate their big day.

“My heart breaks for you guys no one deserves this 😔 just know everyone here on tiktok is celebrating you two !!” one person empathized.

“Send a bill for the food to who ever RSVPd yes and didn’t show up for basically the most important day of your life,” another suggested.

“If I have a wedding this video has inspired me to put fine print stating if they say yes to rsvp and don’t show they have to pay a space and food fee,” another person shared.

“Please do so,” Narvaez-Dragion responded. “This entire thing cost me 27k. Probably more. i fell during our first dance too. Save yourself from a day like this.”

Unhappy tears: Narvaez-Dragion said the couple cried due to the empty ballroom.TikTok@grayanxiety

Other TikTok users offered similar horror stories of their own weddings.

“I expected 100 and had about 50 show to the ceremony. and only 30 stayed for the reception. I was pisseedddd,” one recalled.

“This was how my wedding went. 127 people rsvpd, maybe 40 showed up,” another echoed.

“No one showed up to my bachelorette party but my maid of honor,” another person claimed. “I cried and then drank, partied and had fun. You learn who your real friends are.”

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