9 mistakes hairstylists wish brides would stop making.

Hairstylist @megboswell said, “Take a shower on your wedding day. We all want to be fresh and clean and ready to go. Don’t worry about washing your hair, but do have clean, dry hair ready for your hairstylist when she arrives.”

3. Wear a loose-fitting button-down shirt.

Another great tip we’ve pilfered from TikTok hairstylist @megboswell? Make sure you wear a button-down shirt, so you don’t have to pull a top over your head and stuff up your gorgeous mane.

“That way you can just button it down and take it off and not worry about having to take it off over your hairstyle.”


4. Don’t wear a hair tie.

According to hairstylists, this is one of the most common things brides forget to do on the day of their wedding. 

“We want none of this. In the hair or on the wrist. No bands or ponytail bumps!” said TikTok user @megboswell.

There’s nothing worse than having a massive kink in your hair right before you attempt to style it, so try to steer clear of tying your hair up!

“You’re going to forget about it, or you’re going to end up with a band around your arm and it’s going to be in all your photos,” she said.


To be honest, we’ll never stop thinking about this article, where a bride accidentally got married with a hair tie on her wrist. Sooo… note taken!

5. Be realistic about inspiration photos.

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