‘90 Day Fiancé’ Recap, Season 9 Episode 12

90 Day Fiancé

Different Expectations

Season 9

Episode 12

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Even though Ari reaches a new high in her evilness this week, I will control the rage she puts in my heart so we can focus on Mohamed. I thought Yve and Mohamed were making some progress when they spent time with her son, but that was over as soon as they get in the car. Mohamed decided to put all of his cards on the table: He is here for his green card. Yve tells him they need to push the wedding to get the venue she wants and he loses it!

There are no guarantees in the green card timeline process, so even if they got married immediately, there could be a delay. Mohamed wants to start working, but he knows he has to wait at least 90 days anyway, so why this sudden pressure? If Mohamed loves Yve, he should care about their wedding. Why is he so eager to get a green card so he can return home whenever he wants? This should be the biggest red flag, Yve! Sadly, I think he can push her into doing what he wants. I think Yve is going to regret marrying that man if she goes through with it. He doesn’t want to have kids with her. He doesn’t want to give her the wedding she wants. He doesn’t care about her at all!

Now, we can be mad about Ari again! This week, Ari made Bini go buy a pregnancy test with her ex-husband for no discernable reason! Leandro and Ari are supposed to go wedding dress shopping, but she doesn’t feel well. Leandro asks her if she’s late, which is … a pretty personal question! Bini is immediately uncomfortable, but Ari encourages him to buy the test with Leandro. I think the proper thing would’ve been to send Leandro home and get one delivered via Postmates or just sit in the car while Bini picks it up, Ari! Why are you bringing your ex-husband into this?

It’s even weirder that Leandro constantly lectures Bini on Ari’s behalf. Why would Leandro need to start a conversation about how many kids Bini and Ari want to have? It’s weird and an overreach. I feel like Leandro is scheming to get back into Ari’s life and Bini can sense it. Can he say anything about it to Ari, though? No! Ari gets mad if Bini even walks past another woman, but she’s eager to share pregnancy results with her ex-husband! I don’t think Bini loves Ari anymore and he’s just doing this for his kid, but Ari clearly has feelings for Leandro again.

Mohamed and Ari made me mad this week, so let’s focus on someone who brought me absolute joy: John! After Thais’ Las Vegas surprise wedding attempt, Patrick explains the entire situation to his brother. John immediately points out the flaws in Thais’ plan: Patrick will look like a “scumbag” if he doesn’t tell Thais’ father first and there’s no reason she shouldn’t be excited to marry Patrick! John is proud of his brother and he thinks whoever marries his brother should feel the same! Thais cooking with ketchup and mustard is another example of how immature she is! That woman is not ready to be a wife or an adult who has to cook her own meals!

The rest of the couples all fall in the middle this week. Nothing particularly exciting happens with Jibri and Miona or Guillermo and Kara. After Guillermo lost his brother, the pair feel even more motivated to get married. Kara finally agrees to compromise and have a big wedding, but I think this is a temporary lapse in control. Kara might be feeling sympathy for Guillermo, but I think she’ll still expect everything to happen her way.

Jibri and Miona, on the other hand, still aren’t sure what kind of wedding they will have. Or if there will even be a wedding. Jibri’s family still feels that he’s being pushed, but it’s hard to believe that when the two continue to wear matching outfits. You want me to believe they haven’t thought through every step of their wedding together when they rock matching cardigans? Jibri says Miona is being spoiled, but she’s gone along with every step he’s suggested! All she wants is her beach wedding! I do think Jibri is right to ask for more space at times, but Miona is in a new country with no friends! She lives in the middle of nowhere! Introduce her to some people or hobbies, Jibri!

And, finally, there’s Shaeeda and Bilal. At this point, I’m completely convinced that Shaeeda is a saint. There’s no other explanation for the patience she continues to show this irritating man. Yoga is important to her, Shaeeda decides to share this with Bilal and his kids after their fight in Atlanta, and Bilal can’t take it seriously! What kind of grown man needs to make fart jokes in the middle of a family yoga session? I don’t think Bilal sees Shaeeda for who she is; she just fits into the “wife” slot he believes he needs to fill. Then, Shaeeda has to have an awkward conversation with his ex-wife about their prenup? If Bilal loved Shaeeda, his ex-wife wouldn’t think so negatively of her! What is Bilal saying to people?

• John is the absolute hero of the episode. “That’s your FATHA!” He cares about Patrick so much and everything he said was correct! I also love the way John said, “read the energy.” In my notes, I wrote “Patrick and John” instead of “Patrick and Thais” because their brother-energy was off the charts.

• Mohamed wasn’t really honest with his friend about Yve’s timeline. He is being shady! I also think he’s starting to resent taking care of Yve’s son. Anyway, Yve is not selfish! Mohamed is a child.

• Jibri’s grandma is so cool! They still have fake drama, but his grandma seems down to earth and concerned.

• Thank you, Ari, for admitting you lose at life.

• Thais’ food looked gross!

• Leandro, I want to fight you. It was a good moment for you to go days ago! Why is Ari not being pregnant a relief for you???


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