90 Day Fiancé’s Kara and Guillermo’s baby news weeks after wedding airs

90-Day Fiancé couple Kara Bass and Guillermo Rojer tied the knot last summer. As their wedding day airs for the viewers, the two announce the news of their first pregnancy.

Despite fans knowing the episodes are filmed weeks and months in advance, fans of the popular couple were left stunned to learn of the news the two would be welcoming their first child later this year.

As fiancés, Kara and Guillermo had 90 days to sort out their differences before tying the knot. As the two were featured in the ninth season of 90 Day Fiancé, viewers witnessed the progression of their love, rooting for a happy ending to their relationship despite having mixed feelings.

Kara and Guillermo’s marriage

Kara met Guillermo during a trip to the Dominican Republic, where he happened to be working at the time in a restaurant as a waiter. After romance sparked between the two, the lovebirds stayed in touch until Kara moved to the country for work.

Living their fairytale, the youngster moved in with his Dominican lover. However, their romance was facing troubles two days before their wedding as her past was brought up in the show. This led to a lot of uncertainty from Guillermo, who accused her of having a history of cheating on past partners before dating him. That and her ex-boyfriend Kris telling him all about their “wild” relationship.

Nonetheless, despite their ups and downs, the couple stayed together. After all the drama, the wedding became very emotional for the two. Guillermo seemed very happy and excited to finally marry her despite the previous struggles.

Inevitably, Kara’s urge to suddenly correct Guillermo’s pronunciation of the word “achieve” as they were exchanging vows summarised their cute love story, no matter the viewers’ mixed reactions.

The big day also included a special tribute to his late brother, Jose Joaquin, leaving the guests moved by his heartwarming words. Since Guillerno’s family couldn’t attend their wedding day, the 23-year-old set up a live stream for them to watch from the Dominican Republic.

As seen in the episode, their wedding aired on July 25, 2022, marking the exact first anniversary since the couple tied the knot on July 23, 2021.

Baby announcement

Kara announced the exciting news via Instagram with her 84.2k followers, as the video included a montage of the couple’s pregnancy photoshoot and the caption: “Baby Rojer coming late November 2022.”

The pregnancy announcement reached more than 12k likes in its first three hours. The song Slipping Through My Fingers by Ethan Hodges played in the background.

The happy couple announced more details to PEOPLE: “We’re pregnant! It happened very fast after we got married, but we’re super excited and we’re due at the end of November.”

Soon to find out its gender, Guillermo and Kara continued: “It’s going to be a really great surprise. We can’t wait to be parents and we are grateful to have the love and support of everyone that’s been a part of our journey!”

Fans congratulate the couple as they ‘spill the beans’ before Tell All

Screenshot from 90 Day Fiancé’s YouTube Channel: Kara and Guillermo’s Wedding! | 90 Day Fiancé

The popular couple, as well as Patrick and Thaís, are set to appear tonight during the first part of The Couple Tell All. As fans expect the two couples to reveal their pregnancy news, fans were excited to hear the first exclusive beforehand.

A fan commented: “OMGoodness! I was waiting for the Tell All to see! You spilled the beans! Anywho, congratulations!!”

A second one penned: “FINALLY! Love you. Can’t wait to meet that sweet babe!”

Another one wrote: “Awww man I wanted to be surprised at the tell-all! Lol a big congrats to you, you both were meant to be.”

Kara and Guillermo and Patrick and Thaís will reveal the exciting news (and more information) during part one of The Couples Tell All on Sunday evening.

Part one of season 9’s The Couples Tell All airs Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on TLC


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