94-year-old fulfills her dream to wear white wedding dress; internet loves it!

We all have some certain dreams that we never got to fulfil, a bucket list to complete before we leave and that is what Martha Mae Ophelia Moon Tucker, a 94 year old from Birmingham, Alabama did and the video went viral for it’s beauty.

Martha had always wanted to wear a beautiful white swan gown at her wedding in 1952, it was the time when black women were not allowed into bridal shops and therefore was forced to borrow a dress on her special day.

However, her old dream of trying out a wedding dress in a store without judgements finally came true after ages, as one of her granddaughters, Angela Strozier had booked her an appointment at a bridal store and selected the most beautiful brides dress for her, “Our grandmother has sacrificed so much for us, so to be able to turn around and grant her a ‘want,’ that was just priceless for me,” Stroizer told ABC.

“I looked in the mirror at myself wanting to know who is that,” Tucker told ABC. “Yeah, I was very excited! I felt great! I told ya, it felt just like I was getting married!” Tucker felt giddy and confessed that “I didn’t really want to take off the wedding gown ever.”

Since being shared online, the video has prompted several reactions among netizens with many loving the gesture of the granddaughters while many felt shocked and sick by the fact that black women were not allowed in bridal shops during that time in their country.

The video has got about 70k views till date and more comments about stories of their grandparents’ weddings.

My grandmother Ella Mae Williams-Roberts made her own wedding dress. She used to look in the window’s of white Dept. stores she couldn’t enter, and go home and sew what she saw (with improvements). pic.twitter.com/jQHJsYZtxG

— Denise Oliver-Velez ? (@Deoliver47) July 11, 2021

1953 wearing a timeless gown made by couturier Ann Lowe, a Black woman; proof that while we ALL were discriminated against, SOME were given favor because of the specific skill they may have possessed that THEY could benefit from. My heart breaks for them and is equally grateful!

— The Lady from Carson (@O_C_Chef_Girl) July 10, 2021

And the idea that Black people are just willing to forgive and forget, even in the face of continued actions is insane

— aboveTHEclouds (@Perserverance_) July 10, 2021

I die inside for black people every time I learn something I had never heard on the way they were treated. We need our children to learn the truth, not some glossy white man fairy tale.

— Robert Ogden Mudd (@RobertOgdenMudd) July 10, 2021

This is why I tell people that racism was way more than just slavery and being forced to sit on the back of the bus.

— Jade the Honey Dripper ? (@JadeBurnam) July 10, 2021

This makes me tremendously happy and also exceptionally angry! I will always revel in Black joy but I will NEVER understand the absolute vulgarity of White Supremacy!

— Not Followed By Anyone You’re Following! (@Snapple2Apple) July 10, 2021