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For a grandmother in Alabama, it was one comment about what she never got to do that led to her granddaughter making it happen.

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it’s wearing me out. I didn’t mean for it to go this for Mrs Martha tucker is basking in her newfound fame all over the world. People have shared photos and videos of her trying on wedding dresses, her granddaughters posted them on facebook and of course they went viral. What are we gonna do with grandma? Because once we tell her this the celebrity status is gonna blow her mind. This all started when Martha was watching one of her favorite movies coming to America and made a comment during the wedding scene. I’ve always wanted to try on a wedding dress. I never got a chance to try and address and I was like, that’s something easy, I can make that happen. And so she did. I get our grandmother has sacrificed so much for us, so to be able to turn around and grant her a want That that was just priceless for me. She also sacrificed for others. A Parker high school graduate who dedicated more than 50 years of her life as a poll worker to making sure black votes counted the day she originally got married. She was supposed to be going to see her first movie. So as you can imagine, she was surprised very much so. And I haven’t got to that movie as of today. It wasn’t her dream wedding, but she did say I do. So what did you say? I can’t see that. But what she can say finally trying on a wedding dress was a dream come true. I looked in the mirror of myself. Won’t know. Who is that? Yeah, I was very excited. I felt great. I told you itself just like I was getting mad.