A 94-year-old grandmother fulfills her dream of wearing a wedding dress

Martha Mae Ophelia Moon Tucker smiled from ear-to-ear when she put on her wedding dress. The 94-year-old grandmother, who was married in 1952, always wanted to wear one. But she says Black women weren’t allowed in bridal shops at the time, Al.com reports.

Tucker’s grandkids made her dreams come true last week when they surprised her with a trip to David’s Bridal in Hoover, Alabama.

Al.com states when Tucker’s granddaughter Angela Strozier heard her mutter, “I’ve always wanted to try on a wedding dress,’’ Strozier thought of a solution. “I said, ‘That’s no problem.’ She kinda brushed me off. She didn’t think I would do it.”

However, Strozier followed through. She went online booked an appointment at David’s Bridal, and called Birmingham makeup artist Pharris Clayton to provide Tucker with a makeover. When they arrived at David’s and explained exactly why they were there, the staff all pitched in to make Mrs. Tucker’s day even more special.

“Everyone was so elated to help me do that for her,’’ Strozier said. “Everyone was catering to her because I told them her story.” Tucker tried on two bridal gowns, including one adorned with a floral-laced pattern.

“I felt like I was getting married,’’ Tucker said. “I didn’t want to take it off, but I knew I had to. I looked good in it though.”

The wedding experience at David’s Bridal is just one of the widowed Tucker’s requests fulfilled by her grandkids. Strozier explained that she has no problem doing things like that for her grandmother because she is “always willing to entertain” them and their “shenanigans.’’ “She has always told us to give her her flowers while she’s still here, not when she’s gone, so she can enjoy them,” Strozier said. “So, whenever she expresses that she wants to do something, wants to go somewhere, wants to experience something, we try to our best to make it happen… She’s our grandmother, and to have a grandmother so full of life at 94 is a blessing.”